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5e Guild of Battlefield Guides Badge in NL toegekend

GBG Badge nummer 85 awarded to Luuk Buist,,nl,Luuk Buist,,nl,receives badge nr.85 awarded by honorary member,,nl,Tony Holt,,en,photo copyrights,,nl,WK Comm,,en,It is,,nl,is owned by Wybo Boersma,,nl,The second badge,,nl,Willem F,,nl,Kleijn,,nl,Number,,ht,is worn by Joël Stoppels from from Groningen,,nl,Bert Eikelenboom from from Groesbeek is holding badge no,,nl,American and Canadian battlefield,,nl,attracts tourists,,nl,now provided with five officially recognized by GBG,,nl,In addition, the first three guides are also qualified as' validators,,nl,examiner,,nl,and as a result, the Dutch section of the Int.GBG is the only one outside of GB that is capable of acquiring assignments itself,,nl

Dutch-member Luuk Buist was warded badge no.85 by Tony and Valmay Holt , during the Annual Conference of Int.Guild of Battlefield Guides is Mons (B)

Luuk Buist (r) krijgt badge nr.85 uitgereikt door erelid Tony Holt (foto copyrights: WK Comm)

Het is 5nd time a Dutch battlefield guide this honor is bestowed. Luuk kreeg de 85e Badge overhandigd door ere-leden Tony en Valmay Holt (nestoren van het professionele battlefield tourisme in de UK) tijdens de GBG-jaarvergadering 3 februari in het Belgische Mons (Bergen).

De eerste Nederlandse GBG – badge (number 39) is in bezit van Wybo Boersma, former Director Airborne Museum. De tweede badge (number 61) heeft Willem F. Kleijn , owner of DRG Battlefield Tours & Books. Nummer 71 wordt gedragen door Joël Stoppels van uit Groningen. Bert Eikelenboom van uit Groesbeek is houden van badge nr. 79

Therewith Netherlands , that because of the liberation / Operation Market Garden still many mn.Engelse, Amerikaanse en Canadese battlefield – toeristen trekt, nu voorzien van vijf officieel door GBG erkende, guides. Bovendien zijn de eerste drie gidsen ook gekwalificeerd als ‘validator’ (examinator) en daardoor is de Nederlandse sectie van de Int.GBG de enige buiten GB die in staat is zelf assignments mag afnemen.

Willem Kleijn: "The GBG badge is a certificate of competency as a battlefield guide assigned by your colleagues. So it is emphatically not a training. To obtain the badge you have to take nine trials, three oral and written six. These are evaluated on different criteria clearly defined as, knowledge, use sources of, presentation skills, dealing with groups, attention to safety, etc.. I have done everything in English, but basically you can do in your own language. But to do so you have at least two 'badged guides' needed, en die hebben we sinds vorig jaar in Nederland’.

The Guild of Battlefield Guides was founded twelve years ago in England by a group Battlefield guides both wanted to increase the focus on the Battlefield tourism, on the other hand wanted to raise the level of the guides. Willem Kleijn: 'Battlefield Guide is not protected, anyone can call themselves so. However, that is no guarantee that the customer gets dished that meet minimum requirements a tour. In some European countries such as Italy and Fran Look, it is regulated: there you may only call when you have a battlefield guide training (sometimes even at the university level) have followed. Ash doing a tour with a guide GBG then you know for sure that you are dealing with a serious Battlefield Guide, someone who not only has himself thoroughly engrossed in the topic, but the information also can convey in an inspiring manner, who knows how to deal with groups of people, and, for example, has an eye for safety '.

Many of the more than 300 GBG members worldwide are ex-military, but that's obviously not a requirement. Willem Kleijn: "There are people who only member interested in military history, but who do not want to be guide. Also, tour operators can join. If they use the GBG logo as a quality mark, they also commit to a minimum 75% their tours with qualified guides GBG perform, So the knife cuts both ways'.

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