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Books / Royal Air Force – Royal Army – Could. Marine – Cards & Atlases –

Books / Royal Air Force – Royal Army – Could. Marine – Cards & Atlases –
On this page you will find our range of maps and atlases, Royal Air Force before / after the war, Land Forces, Kon.Marine, etc.. These books are usually in stock and a selection is on display and sale during the excursions. Looking for a book? Let us know, we will make you a non-binding offer! Orders. per email: DRG@hccnet.nl

Attention: We have many more books than we can display here, our complete current range of hundreds of new and antiquarian books in the field of Military History you will find via this link:


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  • Verzendkosten Belgie: v.a. € 6,-/ DPD pickup-parcel of €,,en,Eyewitness accounts,,de,'Prince Henry,,de,and the rail artillery of the German Wehrmacht,,nl,pgs many photos and ill,,nl 6,70 DPD Pakket
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OUR BOOKS TOP,,nl,Market Garden to liberation,,nl,J.Brouwer,,nl,P.Grimm e.v.a,,en,Red Berets,,en,Red Crosses,,en,Ingrid Beltman,,nl,Schlei position Schiermonnikoog,,de,René Voulon,,fr, Off at Last,,en,OUR BOOKS TOP,,nl,Market Garden to liberation,,nl,J.Brouwer,,nl,P.Grimm e.v.a,,en,Red Berets,,en,Red Crosses,,en,Ingrid Beltman,,nl,Schlei position Schiermonnikoog,,de,René Voulon,,fr, Off at Last,,en 10

  1. A few vital hours (2e dr/ softcover) – S.Revell, N.Cherry & B Gerritsen
  2. Hitched up and ready to move- Simpson, Raisani, Reinders & Zwarts
  3. Standby – steady- fire! – Simpson, Raisani, Reinders & Zwarts
  4. Vergeltungswaffen in NL – Henk Koopman
  5. US Air Support Signal Teams – C.Cornelissen & W.Boersma
  6. Fighting the British at Arnhem,,en,Fighting the British at Arnhem,,en: SS-Unterführerschule Arnhem,,de,PLEASE NOTE,,en,Reserve your copy now at only €,,en,‘Fighting the British at Arnhem’ describes,,en,This force was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans von Tettau,,en,Its main task was to destroy the British airborne forces and thwart Allied plans,,en,from Trez / Peter Hendrix,,fr,Very nice German book about this elite corps of the Luftwaffe,,nl – Bob Gerritsen
  7. Atlantic Fireplaces-Duiveland (SC) – Heykoop & Rijpsma
  8. Polar Bears at Nispen and Roosendaal – R.Catsburg
  9. Arnhem Bridge, target Mike One – Truesdale, Cornelissen,nl & Gerritsen
  10. For no apparent reason, the shooting of Cpt.Brownscombe – R.M.Gerritsen

Atlases and maps

Grote Atlas van NL 1930-1950 - Schoenmaker /de Pater

  • 3nd and final pressure, so OP = OP final!
  • Fantastic LARGE format atlas with all German military maps NL 1940, invasion cards, resistance maps mil.doelen, all major cities, etc a must for the 2nd WO researcher, >10 kg! high-quality printing in packs,
  • laatste exemplaren -nieuw- aanbieding €199,- (vz.kn € 5,95) !!!

● K2 Topografische Stafkaart 40 West Arnhem – Nijmegen

  • herdruk van stafkaart 40West 1:50.000 , uitgegeven Wehrmacht 1940
  • ideaal voor historici en onderzoekers Slag om Arnhem cq. strijd Overbetuwe en Bevrijding 1945
  • formaat A2 (43 x 62 cm) ,
  • prijs €9,50 , verzending NL 4,15 (wordt A4 gevouwen verzonden)

K1 ground organization of the Air Force,

  • 1:1 color copy of this rare Luftwaffe sector map of NW Europe 1944. Provides overview of all major airports, light / radio beacons, radar stellingen, etc Size 56×76 cm (A1) and including legend!
  • zwaar 120 grs papier, folded € 29,95 / vz.kn € 2,75 NL, opgerold in koker Vz.kn. NL € 5,95
  • plasticized € 10,- toeslag + verzending in koker NL € 5,95 (Belgie € 6,75)

Kon.Luchtmacht / Royal Netherlands Army / Royal Navy / KNIL

(SC = softcover, HC = hard / cover, PB = Paperback)

200 Year Royal Army 1814-2014 -Ben Schoemaker (red.)

  • beautifully illustrated overview of the history of the Netherlands' largest armed forces unit. Screen: You can view many historical film fragments and clips via smartphone or e-book
  • hardcover , A4, incl. E-book & Screen, xxxs pgs, € 34,95

The Royal Dutch East Indies Army – History, uniforms and equipment 1911-1942 – Tristan Broos

  • beautifully executed large format hardcover book about the transformation of the KNIL standardization over the years 1911-1942
  • all different gray-green uniforms, headgear and equipment of the KNIL and the standardization of military aviation are described
  • in addition, the over- and undergarments, leather equipment and shoes of the KNIL
  • over 1000 images both bw. than in FC, 416 pgs, condition as new,. € 59,50 (shipping costs. € 5,95)

Verenigd op de grond, daadkrachtig in de lucht: een eeuw grondgebonden luchtverdediging 1917-2017 – E.van Loo, S.Maaskant, Q. vd Vegt

  • Nieuw boek over de ontwikkeling van de luchtverdediging in NL,
  • Hardcover, 350 pgs, many ill. en fotos,
  • condition as new, € 49,50 (Vz.kn. NL € 5,95)

De Velser-affaire – Bas von Benda-Beckmann

  • the successful prosecution of the resistance around Velsen and Kennemerland by the Germans. This gave rise to the idea that resistance fighters were betrayed by NL and Allied authorities to disable the leftist movement in NL,
  • softcover, 460 pgs, several. photos
  • € 24,90 (Vz.kn. NL € 5,55)

UN veterans: wars and peacekeeping missions – Bijkerk and Others.

  • interviews met NL veteranen uit verschillende oorlogen
  • as new, A4 format, bound hardcover, many ill in color
  • € 19,50

MIG's on the run - D.van der Aart

  • about pilots who turned their backs on the Eastern Bloc and flew to the West in the period 1945-1993, 350 pgs, bound, was € 29,50 now € 9,95 !!


  • 50year mil.luchtverkeersleiding in NL from 1944 to the present ,
  • large format softcover,
  • as new. € 25,-

Dossier JSF – Christ Knock

  • Joint Strike Fighter: The mega-project, two policy, purchase,
  • softcover, 196 pgs wv.16 with zw.w photos,
  • condition as new,. € 19,90

Republic Thunderchief F-84E/G Huub Groeneveld,

  • mooi grootformat boek over deze legendarische Amerikaanse jachtbommenwerper/ fotoverkenner , waarvan de Klu er tussen 1955 untill 1971 maar liefst 204 in gebruik had.
  • Hardcover, A4 format, 364 pgs, many photos and ill.
  • condition as new,. € 47,95 (shipping costs. €5,95)

Lockheed T-33 in NederlandHuub Groeneveld,

  • uitstekend gedocumenteerd boek over de T-33 ‘T-bird’ straaltrainer/ fotoverkenner , waarvan de Klu er tussen 1952 in 1971 63 in gebruik heeft gehad.
  • Het beroemde ‘Whisky Four’ stuntteam vloog ook met deze straaljager,
  • 1nd print, out. 2014, hardcover, A4 format, luxe papier, 340 pgs, héél veel foto’s (ook in FC) en ill,
  • condition as new,. € 47,95 (verz.kn.€5,95)

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter – Huub Groeneveld

  • zeer uitgebreid en goed gedocumenteerd boek over deze legendarische straaljager die van 1963-1984 in dienst was bij de Klu
  • hardcover, A4 format, 540 pgs (!), vele fotos in zw.w en kleur,
  • condition as new,. € 69,50 (vz.kn NL €5,95)

Flight through time, 75 jaar Kon.Luchtmacht

  • Klu extensive history with many pictures, 440 pgs, Geill, HC, A4, new. € 13,95 (Vz.kn € 5,95)


70 yr Naval Aviation Service (MLD) – P.Korbee

  • mooi boek over de geschiedenis van de MLD,
  • A4, hardcover, 335 pgs, vele foto/ill ,
  • as new € 19,95

Across Borders: Marine Corps after the fall of the Wall 1989-2015 – Ten Cate, Maaskant, Müller and Van de Vegt

  • nice book about the recent history of the Marine Corps
  • A4, hardcover, incl. e-book ,Screen-boek, 344 pgs, vele foto/ill ,
  • as new € 39,50 (verz.kn € 5,95)

The Dutch Merchant Navy in Wartime – A. van Dissel, M.Elands, H.Faber a P Stolk

  • the deployment of the NL merchant was the main contribution of our country to the final Allied victory: 3400 sailors were killed and hundreds of ships were lost. This book focuses on the experiences of seafarers who survived, uitgave St.D.d.M,
  • hardcover, 304 pgs, geill. with zw.w photos ,
  • new € 29,90 (Vz.kn.NL v.a. € 5,95)