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Battlefieldtour Groningen (Noordzijde)

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  • Price: € 15,- pp.
  • Date: Sun, Oct 02, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Location: Martinitoren , Groningen-C

Tijdens de aprildagen van 1945 was Groningen het toneel van een bloedige strijd tussen het Canadese leger en het Duitse leger. De bevrijding van Groningen was voor de Canadese troepen één van de zwaarste stadsgevechten in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

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The Battle of Groningen
The Allies put on Friday 13 april 1945 into the attack. The battle lasted four days. The German garrison commander signed on Monday 16 April the surrender. The toll was high. Killed during the battle 43 Canadian soldiers and came 110 civilians. German losses were also large. Estimated 130 soldiers, among whom SS people, SD’ers, railway personnel, Hitler youth and NSB'ers, lost their lives. The damage to houses and buildings was also great. Much of the center was destroyed. The Martini Tower was spared by a miracle. The toll for the liberation was high, were killed in battle 43 Canadian soldiers and came 110 civilians. During this Battlefield Tour in Groningen we visit different places that have been central during the fighting in the city of Groningen. We follow the advance route of the Canadians to the Kraneweg and the Noorderplantsoen where heavy fighting was fought. Then we finish at the Prinsenhof where the Germans last defended themselves in April 1945.

Praktische informatie

tour groningenDe tour begint om 10:00 hours at the Martinitoren (Large market). Here you can register with the guide. We will then begin the two-hour walking tour through the city of Groningen. At various places the guide explains the events in April 1945 and shows you the traces of these battles that can still be seen today. Halfway through we will have a coffee break. During this break, the guide will provide you with background information about the Battle of Groningen. The tour ends again on the Grote Markt.