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Books / Airwar 40 -45

Books / Airwar 40 -45
On this page you will find our offer to NL, English and German books on the dramatic 40 -45 air war: German Air Defense / Night hunting, RAF, USAAF, airports such as Fliegerhorst Deelen, radar-developments, Secret Weapons V1 & V2, etc.. etc.. These books are usually in stock and a selection is on display and sale during the excursions. Looking for a book? Let us know, we will make you a non-binding offer! Orders. per email: DRG@hccnet.nl

Attention: We have many more books than we can display here, our complete current range of hundreds of new and antiquarian books in the field of Military History you will find via this link:


  • in NL v.a. €4,45 (briefpakje PostNL), packet ( DPD/ Track&Trace) from € 5,- (pick up at pick-up point) , home delivery €5.95 NL , m.u.v. Wadden meadows+ Marken: Post NL €6,75
  • SPECIAL OFFER: books thicker than 25 mm and/or above euro 20 : altijd pakketzending met Track&Trace via DPD/PostNL!!
  • Verzendkosten Belgie: v.a. € 6,-/ DPD pickup-parcel of €,,en,Eyewitness accounts,,de,'Prince Henry,,de,and the rail artillery of the German Wehrmacht,,nl,pgs many photos and ill,,nl 6,70 DPD Pakket
  • Attention: prices quoted are indicative of antiquarian books, these may differ regarding . supply and quality!
  • All offers subject to availability, price changes / errors / sold reserved!! (Prices , valid from. aug 2020)
  • Prijs op aanvraag = boek is leverbaar, niet op voorraad, prijs afhankelijk van inkoop


  1.  Radar in NL 1940-1945 / 2nd print – Neisingh & Verbeek
  2. A few vital hours (2e dr/ softcover) – S.Revell, N.Cherry & B. Gerritsen
  3. Fighting The British at Arnhem – Bob Gerritsen
  4. 325 GIR in Holland – T. Hendriks
  5. Radio Kootwijk,,nl,van der Pluym,,nl – Cees van der Pluym,,nl,● K2 Topographical Staff Map,,nl
  6. Get at them with the bayonet -Ph.Reinders 
  7. Gelderland story – several. auteurs (4 dln in cassette)
  8. Billion, residents and estate – several. auteurs
  9.  Then it was time for a brew – Simpson, Raisani, Reinders & Zwarts
  10.  Standby – steady- fire! – Simpson, Raisani, Reinders & Black

NEW RELEASE,,en,introduction offer  €,,en,Bridges are burning,,en,Bridges are ours,,en,begin 2019,,en,…,,en,softcover occ,,en,hardcover occ,,en,NEW RELEASE,,en,introduction offer  €,,en,Bridges are burning,,en,Bridges are ours,,en,begin 2019,,en,…,,en,softcover occ,,en,hardcover occ,,en !!!

●Neergestort, Fifteen plane crashes in NL 1940-1945 – G. Groeneveld

  • Detailed description of 15 crashes in NL of Allied aircraft, captured by German war photographer
  • A4 hardcover, richly illustrated with color and bw. photos, 160 pgs, and. 100 photos
  • New, € 29,95

Radar in Nederland 1940-1945 – Neisingh&Verbeek

  • Finally available: volledig herziene en uitgebreide 2e druk!
  • Uitgebreide beschrijving van alle in NL geplaatste Funkmess -(Funkmess (radar))apparatuur tbv. Luftwaffe en Kriegsmarine
  • Enige achtergrond info over organisatie en taktieken
  • Uitgebreid literatuuroverzicht, bronvermelding en trefwoorden register
  • not 468 pgs, A4 format, bound hardcover, vele ill/foto’s/kaarten, new € 59,95 (Vzkn. NL € 5,95)

They were all over the sky – Antoon Meijers

  • a study on the American bombing during Operation Market Garden September 1944 door EOD-Kapt.bd. Antoon Meijers
  • gebonden hardcover met stofomslag, A4 format, 300 pgs, vele (air) fotos en ill. nw. € 34,95

● Airports in wartime,,nl,● Airports in wartime,,nl – P.Grimm e.a.

    (SGLO / NIMH edition 2017)

  • Beautifully executed standard work, Beautifully executed standard work….
  • 2nd revised pressure! 1e druk was in 2009 Beautifully executed standard work!
  • Uitgebreide beschrijving van ALLE meer dan 40 in de oorlog in NL door Luchtmacht, Luftwaffe, RAF and USAAF constructed and used airfields. With a lot of background information about construction,  logistics and air defense organisation.
  • Beautifully executed standard work,  A4 format, over 500 pgs (!) with many illustrations, BW / color,  maps, graphics etc..
  • condition as new,. € 49,95   (shipping costs DHL package NL € 5.95 / Belgium € 6.75)


● Only Awake Boys – E.van Loo

This image has an empty alt attribute; the filename is En-Klu-Enige-wakkre-boys.jpg
  • Geschiedenis van NL vliegers in dienst van de RAF tijdens WO II. During World War II more than 650 Dutch men took part in the air battle over Europe,almost 235 of them lost their. Who were they ?
  • "A few Awake Boys’ is the first comprehensive study on the Dutch air forces in Britain. The book describes the hitherto underexposed history of a group of intrepid young men, exiled soldiers, volunteers from overseas and Engelandvaarders, who risked their lives for the freedom of others.
  • Paperback, Dutch language, illustrated, , 516 pgs.   condition as new,. € 42,95

ACE, the greatest fighter pilots of WW2 – B.Funnekotter

  • Extensive biography of the most important fighter pilots from WWII
  • Being treated: Galland, Bader, Stanford Tuck, Cunningham, Gabreski, Schnaufer, Marmaduke, Thomas St.John Pattle, Beurling, HJ Marseille, pack, Pokrysjkin, Hartmann, Boyington, Sakai, Bong,
  • Incl. table of ranks, list of highest scoring fighter pilots, nuts, bibliography, register
  • new. softcover, 427 pgs (!), div.photos in ill, € 19,95 (P)
NL century mil aviation


  Cradle Soesterberg Airbase – Rolf Winter

  • Special edition commemorating 100 year Anniversary Royal Netherlands Airforce. Beautifully executed standard work.
  • Beautifully executed standard work.
  • This is a Layar-book: With your smartphone or tablet this well illustrated jubilee edition gets an extra audiovisual dimension which allows you to view historical film clips from a fascinating history.
  • Large Format A4 hardcover / bound, 260 pgs, many ill, largely FC!!,
  • incl.code voor dig.versie op de site vd uitgever, nw. € 39,50

‘Schlei-stelling’ – Schiermonnikoog during the air war 40-45 -R.Voulon

  • Beautifully executed standard work (= Radar) Beautifully executed standard work’ (2e Category ) Beautifully executed standard work.
  • The Lufwaffe Funkmess theorem as well as the Flak and Marine batteries and the war events on / around the island are discussed in this book. Many unique pictures and maps,
  • softcover, A4 format, EN-lingual, 166 pgs. wv. 36 color pages, laatste 2e herziene druk, condition as new,. € 34,95

NL Bezetting in vogelvlucht

Beautifully executed standard work, Beautifully executed standard work – T. vd Berg & C. de Decker

  • Beautifully executed standard work 2012. on aerial photography during WW2
  • Beautifully executed standard work. Beautifully executed standard work (Beautifully executed standard work)
  • bound hardcover , A4 format, 260 pgs, vele photo's € 49,95

NL teerosen.tiemens

 ● Teerosen on the Veluwe- W.H.Tiemens

  • Uniek boek over techniek Luftwaffe Y-systeem (=plaatsbepaling Boden-Bord communicatie jachtvliegtuigen) en de wederwaardigheden van de Teerosen Ln-mannen en vrouwen op Terlet en Zijpenberg.
  • Bound, 120 pgs, many unique black / white photos. Will not be reprinted and is therefore a solid investment!!
  • new. van € 59,50 to € 79,90 (depending. quality)

 NL Facetten Slag om Arnhem

Facetten van de slag om Arnhem – W.H.Tiemens

  • Wanted booklet which describes several aspects of battle of Arnhem:. Luftwaffe Command centre Diogenes / Y-bearing stations 'Teerosen', the recovered diary of a Unteroffizier of Teerose 2 2, the Pegasus escape across the Rhine, betrayal Market Garden (King Kong)
  • new. in good order, 192 pgs, v.a.€ 17.50 to € 24,50

Air war over Ede

Air war over Ede – E. van de Weerd

  • Description of sixteen Allied crashes in the Gelderland Valley during WW2. The role of the Ede citizens and the opposition is highlighted. On 17 september 1944 Ede is itself the target of Allied bombers in preparation for Market Garden. Among the citizens are 69 dead and many injured. Hardcover,  204 pgs,  several. fotos
  • condition as new,. Now from € 19.50 to € 12,95!!!

 NL Ede in wapenrok

Ede in armor – E. van de Weerd

  • The history of Ede as a garrison town from 1795, o.a. the events during the 2nd World War, such as plane crashes, bombing, Market Garden, Fliegerhorst Deelen etc. Lots of info and incl DVD 'Liberation of the Veluwe'.!!  Nw. 2nd print,  516 pgs!!, bound
  • nieuw nu € 22,50 (Vz.kn.NL v.a. € 5,55)

NL Deelen, van last tot lust. klein

Vliegveld Deelen, van last tot lust – Dick Veerman

  • Most detailed description of Deelen and surroundings, originally published in 2004 as universal thesis, many ill., maps and color photos,
  • softcover (1nd print)  of hardcover (2e druk/ enkele aanvullingen), 270 pgs, A4, softcover occ. v.a. € 49,50 / hardcover occ. € 69,50  


● Duits Deelen, Van vliegbasis tot jeugdzorg – I.Beltman

  • Introduction to the construction of Fliegerhorst Deelen from,,nl,In Deelen was the then 30-year-old officer and pilot chances are ideas about cooperation between pilots and radar stations,,nl,The former camp Cup Deelen with airport control tower and bunker,,nl 1940 en de organisatie van de Duitse Nachtjagd.
  • 2nd print, softcover 144 pgs, several. ill € 24,95
  • 1nd print / hardcover alleen antiquarisch (beperkt) leverbaar a € 29,50
  • Deelen was de thuisbasis van de Duitse Nachtjagd onder commando van maj.  Wolfgang Falck. In Deelen kreeg deze toen 30-jarige officier en piloot de kans zijn ideeën over samenwerking van vliegers en radar stations(in het Duits : Funkmess) uit te werken en te testen. In de strategie van een moderne luchtoorlog bleek deze samenwerking tussen gevechtsvliegers en ‘groundcontrollers’ voor piloten van levensbelang.

Duel in the clouds – Ron Putz

  • Chronicle of the Air War cq. almost 300 plane crashes in the Roermond triangle, shutter, Aachen during WW2.
  • Through extensive archival research, interviews with eyewitnesses and former pilots and actual field research, the author has succeeded in reviving the events of that time.
  • A list of 280 crashed aircraft and their crews completes this unique edition
  • ‘new condition, hardcover met stofomslag, div ill/ foto’s in zw.w., 308 pgs, € 39,50

Radarstelling Biber, kustverdediging op Oost-Voorne – Jeroen Rijpsma

NL radarstelling Biber
  • Unique book with many pictures, maps and plans of the Luftwaffe radar site 'Biber'’ near Den Briel / East Voorne,
  • SOFT-cover, A4 Format, many pictures tickets etc, as new.  € p.o.a.

Küver-bunkers in NL – J.Rijpsma / K.van Brakel

  • Detailed description of the Luftwaffe 'küstenverteidigungs’ bunkers in the Neue Westwall as claimed Luftwaffe specifications are built on different locations in the coastal strip from 1942 defending Flak Shelf, radar positions and airports etc.
  • 2nd print, A4 format, softcover, 56 pgs, many illustrations and photographs, maps etc
  • new, €29,95,,en,€29,95,,en

Wespennest Leeuwarden (3 volumes)  - Ab Jansen

Wanted books of Ab Jansen, doyen of the NL air war history,  about the role Leeuwarden airbase played during Airwar WW2. Detailed account of the events of NJG 1 cq. NJG 2 night fighter crews who were stationed at Leeuwarden.

<Many photo's and ill, each book >200  pgs,  3 dlg. setprice paperback edition,,nl,€ on request / Verz.kn.NL V.a,,nl,●  Mayday,,en,€ on request,,nl,to fly and fight,,de,€ sold out,,nl,The exercises-affaire,,da,setprice paperback edition,,nl,€ on request / Verz.kn.NL V.a,,nl,●  Mayday,,en,€ on request,,nl,to fly and fight,,de,€ sold out,,nl,The exercises-affaire,,da from € 35,-. Hardback edition from € 49,50 (bibl.ex), without Dust Covers € 59,50 , met DC € 69,50 (shipping costs. NL € 5,50)

● Sporen aan de hemel (3 volumes) – Ab Jansen

  • gezochte boeken over gecrashte Amerikaanse bommenwerpers in NL, 3 volumes, bound, many photos and ill,  each part is more than 300 pgs.
  • set price z.g.a.n. €69,50, ( nb. without. dustcovers €59,50, ex-library € 49.95 / Vz.kn.v.a. € 5,95)

● Fliegerhorst Schiphol (3 volumes)– Ab Jansen

  • As new, complete set 3 volumes, History of Schiphol in wartime as German airbase,
  • many photos and ill, € 149,50 (Vz.kn.v.a. € 5,95)

Gevleugeld verleden – Ab Jansen

  • In this first book of the doyen vd NL air war history, several RAF crashes in NL are described. Collectors item!, 448 pgs, bound. and. € 35,- (Vz.kn.v.a. € 5,95)

Air war over SW Friesland 40-45 – J. van der Veer

  • description of the dogfights and crashes in Zw-Friesland
  • with the cooperation of G.J.Zwanenburg
  • softcover in neat condition, 336 pgs, several. fotos en ill. € 14,95

Luchtgevaar! – A.Korthals Altes

  • All major air attacks on NL described, 356  pgs, many BW. photos, tables etc. in good order,  OJ occ  € 14,95

● And it was never quiet,,nl,G.J.Zwanenburg,,en,Wanted standard work in which chronologically all air strikes on NL during WW2 are described,,nl,In the appendix, Luftwaffe units in NL are discussed,,nl,● And it was never quiet,,nl,G.J.Zwanenburg,,en,Wanted standard work in which chronologically all air strikes on NL during WW2 are described,,nl (3 volumes) – G.J.Zwanenburg

  • Gezocht standaardwerk waarin chronologisch alle luchtaanvallen op NL tijdens WO2 worden beschreven. In the appendix, Luftwaffe units in NL are discussed,,nl,Market garden incl,,en,losses to aircraft,,nl,deploy V-weapons,,nl,Special Duty,,en,secret SOE operations,,nl,Appendix,,nl,total of 1272 pgs,,nl,index,,en,neat condition €,,nl,Unhook attachment,,nl,  €19,50,,en, Market garden incl. verliezen aan vliegtuigen,  deploy V-weapons,,nl,total,,nl, Special Duty (geheime SOE operaties)
  • Hardcover, (bijlage : softcover) , totaal 1272  pgs(!),  incl. vele photo's, index etc
  • new. nette staat, 3 volumes € 159,50 (Vz.kn. € 5,75 in NL). Bijlage los:  € 19.95

Radarstellung Tiger – P. van Leeuwen

  • Air war over Terschelling, introduction to german Night Fighting, many maps and photos of Funkmess stellung 2.Ordnung 'Tiger'’ ,
  • A4 format, soft cover, 2e herz.druk , new, 60 pgs. condition as new,. €15,-

Van grasmat tot Fliegerhorst –   C.Cornelissen

  • Excellent book on the history of Twente airbase in WO-2. Bound, over 500 pgs!!
  • new. from € 39.50

Huzaren van de nacht – C.Cornelissen

  • History of a Nachtjagdgruppe at Fliegerhorst Twente during WW2. Well laid-out book with many pictures / ill, bound,  A4 format, over 300 pgs, occ. € 39,50

Airbase Venlo, van bevrijding tot ontmanteling – H.Groeneveld

  • history of Yankee airfield frontline 55, the USAAF at Venlo 1945, 278 pgs 264 photos, hardcover, A4 format ,
  • 1nd print , softcover , as new € 29,50/ Verz.kn.NL v.a. € 4,45

● Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!! – H.Groeneveld

  • Beautiful new book about the aircraft crashes around Venlo 1920 untill 2010, 296 pgs. with many photos, hardcover, A4 format,
  • condition as new,. € on request (Vz.kn. NL €5,75)

Airbase Venlo – J.Derix

  • Rare, and sought after edition 2 volumes covering building and destruction of the German night fighting airbase, plus an overview of the airwar in south part of Netherlands,
  • paperback, in total 344 pgs, many ill, new. in zeer nette staat  € 69,50 (Verz.kn NL v.a. € 5,95 )

Bergen Airfield – J.H.Schuurman

  • Fraai vormgegeven boek over dit vrijwel verdwenen Nederlandse vliegveld in N-Holland, which was also used by the Luftwaffe,
  • oblong format, 335 pages with many unique photos,
  • bound hardcover, as new. € 49,95


Happy Falcon –  Wolfgang Falck

GB NJ Happy Falcon
  • English version of Falkenjahre,
  • 200 pgs,  bound. A4 – format, glossy paper, some FC-plates of- Falck's ME-110 images,
  • condition as new,. stands, – incl. inlay with photo + signature W. Falck –   € 69,95

Falkenjahre –  Wolfgang Falck

  • Interesting autobiography of Commodore of NJG 1, Wolfgang Falck,  between '41 -'43 headed the staff of NJG1 at Deelen Airfield. This well written book is a must for those specialising in the night air war and German Air Defence.
  • german language, bound, >400 pgs, many photographs from personal archives of Falck.
  • New condition,   € on request, (Vz.kn. NL v.a. € 5,95)

Tevens leverbaar -tegen dezelfde prijs- uit deze belangwekkende Duitse biografie-serie: (Verzendkosten €5,95 /NL)

….To fly and fighting – C. 'Bud'’ Anderson (USAAF)

  • german biography of. unique American pilot 3 who flew in 3 wars.!
  • vertaling van oorspronkelijke boek ‘To fly and fight’
  • hardcover A4 format, 368 pgs 118 photos, not € 39,50

Enemy contact Julius Meimberg

  • hardcover A4 format, 352 pgs 154 photos,  now € 39,50

In Letzter Stunde – Johannes Steinhoff

  •  Autobiografisch boek over de veelbesproken opstand olv. Steinhof of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots against Reichsmarschall Goering, 2 months before the end vd war.
  • Steinhof was Kommodore JG77 and flew into the elite JV 44 headed by. Galland, with Me262 jets, liep zware brandwonden op maar overleefde en was betrokken bij opbouw Luftwaffe na de oorlog
  • German, 286 pgs, 1e druk occ. € 14,95 / nwste druk € 17.95

● Die Ersten und die Letzten – A.Galland

  • Memoires of one of the most famous Luftwaffe Aces and General der Jagdflieger 'Adolf Galland'. Galland was held responsible by Goering for criticism from his pilots (such as. Steinhoff) at the Luftwaffe-top 2 two months before the end of war,and was degraded by Goering to 'Staffelkapitän' of the Elite Jagdverband 44 dat met de ME262 straaljager vloog.
  • german language, new,  392 pgs, bound, format 15 x 20 cm , latest revised edition with >200 BW pictures an maps!.
  • € 17,95 (Vz.kn.NL € 5,75)

Hans-Joachim Marseille- F.Kurowski

  • H.J.Marseille was one of the most highly decorated German fighter pilots during WWII
  • Marseille shot in 388 ops at JG52 and 27 maar liefst 158 enemy aircraft, which earned him the Knight's Cross with Swords + Oak Leaves and the Brilliant (this award was only pinned 20 times by AH during the war)
  • He died in Libya in a flying accident 30-09-1942
  • Nice large format (A4) hardcover book , 240 pgs with plm. 200 photos in b.w. and color (!), dust jacket
  • € 27,95

Major Joachim Müncheberg – vom König von Malta zum legendären Jägerass von Tunis

  • Muencheberg Vocht in Slag om de Engeland as squadron commander Lieutenant s van 7.JG26. After 20 over 20 victories he received 1940 het Ridderkruis en de &#8216;Medaglia d&#8217;Oro’ of Italy, een eer die verder alleen H.J.Marseille toekwam.
  • After 103 Abschusse ontving hij in september 1942 het Eikenloof met de Zwaarden bij zijn Ridderkruis, en ging hij als Kommodore van JG77 naar N-Afrika. In March 1943 stortte hij neer bij Maknassy in Tunesië.
  • M. flew over 500 operationele vluchten en heeft 135 victories to his name
  • 160 pgs, 80 fotos, ingebonden HC, 17×24 cm,  condition as new, € 9,95
This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is DU-LW-Batz-major-Wilhelm-219x300.jpg

Major Wilhelm Batz, van vlieginstructeur dead Zwaardendrager – F.Kurowski

  • Major Batz achieved no less than . at JG2 233 aerial victories and received the Ritterkreuz with Eikenloof and the Swords
  • german language, size 17×24 cm, 160 pgs. with approx. 100 fotos, bound, € 9,95

Obtlt.Heinz Bär, fighter pilot on all fronts – F.Kurowski

  • Heinz Bär flew with JG51 / JG1 / JV 44 (= Me 262) and achieved 220 victories, survived the war despite 18 crashes and parachute jumps(!), en werd gedecoreerd met RK + Oak Leafs + Swords.
  • german language, 160 p / 60 photos, bound, format 17 x 24 cm,  nwe.herdruk  € 9,95

Oblt. Otto Kittel, most succesful fighterpilot JG54 – F.Kurowski

  • Kittel won 267 victories at JG 54 and thus earned the Ritterkreuz Oak Leaves Swords
  • german language, 160 p / 60 photos, size 17x 24 cm,  nwe.herdruk €9,95

Ludwig Havighorst – Franz Kurowski

This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is DU-LW-Havighorst.jpg
  • nice horny. book about the exceptional career of a unique German soldier who, after an infantry training, became and flew aviator in the Battle of Britain and Battle of Stalingrad. He hit 19-10-43 injured and was rejected as a pilot.
  • He then joined Fallschirm Regiment as Kompaniechef vd 15e Pionierkompanie 9 justifiably. He fought with this unit on the Western Front, in the Ardennes and the Rhineland.
  • hardcover, 17x 24 cm, 406 pgs met 243 fotos, condition as new,. € 17,95 (verz.kn € 5,95)

Mal oben, mal unten dl. 1 /2 – Erhardt Jähnert

This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is DU-LW-mal-oben-mal-unten-1.jpg

  • Autobiography of a Stuka pilot (dive bomber) in 2 volumes:
  • Dl. 1 – as Sturzkampfpilot an all Fronts 1935-1943
  • Dl.2: as Staffelkapitän with the Stukageschwader 3 at the Ostfront 1943-1945.
  • Jähnert flew over 700 (!) missions. Stukas and other attack aircraft, rose to the rank of major and received the Knight's Cross + Oak Leafs. He died in 2006.
  • Each volume plm. 208 pgs, Appr.. 60 photos, bound hardcover, format 17 x 24 cm, price € 14,95 per volume, buy 2 dln. nw.  € 34,95 incl. shipment!

● The German tag hunt – Werner held

This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is DU-LW-Deutsche-Tagjagd.nwedruk-240x300.jpg
  • Nieuwe druk, interesting photo book, counterpart of ‘The Deutsche Nachtjagd’,,nl,€5,95,,en,still one of the best German V1 books,,nl,mentions, among other things, the cancellation of the landing of a British brigade at Elst as one of the causes of the failure of Market Garden,,nl,● Orange is the colour of the Day – P.Hendrikx/ M,,en,● D-Dayminus,,fr,Sepp Kraft has played in the Battle of Arnhem,,nl,Illustrated History Kampfgruppe Knaust Sept-Oct,,en,hardcover boek in A4 format,,en,● Freddie Gough’s Specials at Arnhem,,en,price € 9.50,,nl,that,,mt,Böttger survived,,nl,with severe burns,,nl,the war and later became a dental doctor,,nl.
  • bound, 224 pgs, many pictures s, German, new reprint, € 25,50 not € 15,95

The fighter aces - F.Kurowski,

This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is DU-LW-Jagdflieger-asse.klein_-220x300.jpg
  • Beautiful book on the 100 most decorated Luftwaffe pilots, together account for more than 10.000 'Abschusse'!!….German, new. reprint, 364 pgs. bound,
  • original price was € 39,90 not € 21,95 (verz.kn € 5,95)

Duell unter den Sternen – Wilhelm Johnen

  • Auto-biography of a famous Night Hunting pilot and Knight's slower-. Johnen vloog o.a. vanaf Venlo (I.NJG1 en III.NJG6) and gained 34 night victories, earning him the Knight's Cross.
  • If Gruppen-commander III.NJG6 he survived the war in the rank of Hauptmann.
  • Plm. 240 pgs, 60 photos, German, bound,  size 21×24 cm, new reprint!!! € 15,95

Night Airwar, personal recollections - Theo Boiten

  • 'The night air war over Western Europe was most sustained and costly campaign of its kind That the world has ever known. Theo Boiten, a leading military aviation historian, has gathered the Always harrowing and often inspiring firsthand accounts of 77 airmen who took to the dark skies for both Allied and Axis nations. Illustrated with previously unpublished photos from the veterans’ private collections, this anthology is sure to prove an invaluable record of one of the most crucial aspects of World War II.’
  • English, 192 pgs, several. photos , 25 x 19 cm € 35,-

Battles with the Nachtjagd – Night-airwar over Europe ’40 -’45 – Theo Boiten & Martin Bowman

  • Uitgebreide verhandeling (gepubl. 2006) over de nachtelijke luchtoorlog aan het Westelijke front, zowel vanuit RAF/ Bomber Command als vanuit Luftwaffe perspectief, with a record of events from night to night. Vele tabellen en aanvullende info over verliezen etc.
  • Ingebonden hardcover, A4 format, 346 pgs, vele zw.w. foto's
  • € 89,95 (Vz.kn. NL €5,95)

Princes of Darkness – C.R.Knott

  • 2009 verschenen biografie van Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein en Egmont Prinz zur Lippe-Weissenfeld, twee Duitse adellijke Ritterkreuz-träger die bij de Nachtjagd vlogen en onder verdachte omstandigheden omkwamen (beide zijn begraven in Ijsselstein (L),
  • English, many BW. photos, enkele afb. in kleur. 208 pgs, bound hardcover, new. € 99,50
DU LW NJ Bomber hostile in the stream

Im Strom feindlicher Bomber : the oak leaf bearer Heinz Strüning and the German night hunt 1940-1945 – H-J.Röll

  • Biografie over Nachtjagd ace Heinz Strüning , the o.a. flew from GilzeRijen and Venlo 56 air victories.
  • Hardcover , 232 pp met 118 BW. photos, format 17 x 24 cm, € 16,95

Die Deutsche Nachtjagd – Werner Hero / Holger Nauroth

  • DID Nachtjacht photo book o.a. unique recordings made Deelen and Diogenes during the war Duitstalig, bound, 232  pgs, new reprint,
  • prijs was € 25,50 now € 15,95

History of the German night fighter - G.Aders

  • DO standard on nachtjacht, many photos, maps and tables,
  • 392  pgs, german language, NB: is becoming rarer and therefore more expensive ....... € 49,50 (Vz.kn. € 5,95)

● History of German NightfightingG.Aders

  • Engelstalige versie van Geschichte der Deutsche Nachtjagd
  • € 39,50 (Vz.kn Eur 5,95)

Blitzmädchen – Franz W.Seidler

  • Fraai Duitstalig boek over de rol de vele vrouwelijke Vrijwilligers within the above. the Luftnachrichten service (Liaison) the Luftwaffe played, O. the radar- and Y-level positions, FLAK and searchlight units,  bound, 166 pgs.
  • nieuwstaat € 27,50

Maj.Heinz -Wolfgang Schnaufer

  • Schnaufer what de meest gevreesde cq. successful German night fighter pilot of WW2, schoot met zijn bemanning 121 bombers down and received the highest award: RK with swords and brilliants pinned by Hitler,
  • 160 pg / 100 photos, 17x24cm, reprint,   now € 9,95 !

Het Nachtspook van St.Truiden: Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer - W.Govaerts

  • NL first biography of the most decorated German pilot Nachtjagd. Schnaufer, this shot along with his crew as much 121 vn.Engelse bombers, earning him the Knight's Cross with Swords and yielded brilliant. Wim Govaerts had access to the family archive, resulting in a beautifully illustrated book
  • A4 format, 270 pgs, over 500 photos (!) in 32 pgs. in FC,
  • price on request
DU LW NJ sockrates.old.small

Bunker SOKRATES, Reichsluftverteidigung in Stade - D.Bohlmann

  • Unique book on German history vd sister bunker Diogenes at Stade (2e Jagd Division), the door Engelsen program 11 Ton TNT opgeblazen 1 nov 1948,
  • 1nd print, hardcover, 288 pgs, vele ill.en foto’s als nw. € 29,95
  • 2e revised / expanded edition, o.a. only FC photos current situation p.o.a.

Bomberunits of the Luftwaffe ’39-’45 Deel 1– H.de Zeng/ D.Starkey

  • English standard work on the bomb-thrower units KG1 - KG60, HC, A4, 207 p, vele zw.w / FC. Ill nw. € 39,50

Deutsche Fallschirmjäger im Zweiten Weltkrieg- Volkmar Kühn

  • “Grune Teufel” im Sprungeinsatz und Erdkampf 1935-1945
  • Hardcover , A4 grootformaat (24×30 cm), 230 pgs, 376 fotos en kaarten
  • History of the German Paras, oprichting, training en -vaak beslissende- inzet bij fort Eben Emael (Belgie), Rotterdam, Norway in 1940, Crete (1942), El Alamein, Tunis, Sicilies, Normandie, Brittany, Monte Cassino, Yugoslavia (‘Brandenburger’), Ardennes offensive
  • Nieuwste (2017) herziene en verbeterde druk , nu in A4 formaat!!!
  • condition as new, € 29,95


● Vergeltungswaffen in the Netherlands,,nl,Excellent and recent,,nl,NL book about the technology and launch sites in NL of the V1 flying bomb,,nl,Rockets over Steenbergen -R.Catsburg,,nl,Accurate description of the V-1 antiaircraft in Steenbergen from September,,nl,Shortly after the fall of Antwerp in September,,nl,the first German V1 flying bomb fell in this city,,nl,Many V1s and V2 rockets would follow,,nl,The allied response to the enemy attack was given the mysterious name ‘Antwerp X’,,nl,The anti-aircraft guns of Antwerp X stretched in February and March,,nl,out to Steenbergen,,nl,Most Secret War -R.V,,en,Secret War – B.Johnson,,en,The Mare's Nest / 'The Secret Weapons de,,de,V1,,sl,Specialeinheiten ‘39-‘45,,en,German secret weapons / units such as V1 / V2,,nl,warplanes,,de,U-boat are covered,,nl, inzet van de V1, V2 en V4 vanaf Nederlands grondgebied 1944-1945 – Henk Koopman
– Uitstekend , recent (2018)  NL boek over de techniek en lanceerplaatsen in NL van de V1 vliegende bom, de V2 en V4 raket-wapens tijdens WO2
– Henk Koopman bestudeerde de inzet van deze terreurwapens vanaf de jaren &#8217;70 en deed onderzoek in binnen- en buitenlandse archieven.
– Dit boek is de weerslag van al die jaren onderzoek, wat een uitgebreid beeld van bekende en onbekende aspecten van de inzet van Duitse V-wapens vanuit NL in 1944 in 1945 oplevert
– Hardcover, A4 format, 330 pgs, over 500 fotos en ill,  new € reprint expected end 2022 ( Vz.kn NL 5,95)

German V-weapons in the Netherlands : Technology and launch sites – Peter Tolsma

  • A4 format , 214 pgs, softcover, many ill. partly in color, condition as new,. € 27,95

Raketten over Steenbergen -R.Catsburg

  •  Nauwkeurige beschrijving van de V-1 luchtafweer te Steenbergen vanaf september 1944
  • Kort na de val van Antwerpen in september 1944 viel in deze stad de eerste Duitse V1 vliegende bom. Vele V1’s en V2 raketten zouden volgen. Het geallieerde antwoord op de vijandelijke aanval kreeg de mysterieuze naam ‘Antwerp X’. Het afweergeschut van Antwerp X strekte zich in februari en maart 1945 uit tot in Steenbergen.
  •  softcover, A4 format, 120 pgs, vele fotos condition as new,. € 29,95

Most Secret War -R.V. Jones

  • THE standard work on English spy and action against such. German Knickebein system,   Funkmess (radar) / funk mess,  V1 and V2, etc..
  • hardcover, 350 pgs,  new. €39,95 (Vz.kn NL v.a. € 5,95)
GB SecetWar- Johnson

Secret War – B.Johnson

  • well documented book on div. secret weapons WW2, SC, geill, 352 pag. occ. softcover € 14,95 , hardcover 17,95
GB RAF sledgehammers fort tintacs

Sledgehammer for tintacs – S.Darlow,

  • RAF Bomber Command vs. V1 bases ‘43-&#8217;44, 212p, Geill, HC, new. nw.st. € 27,50

The Mare’s Nest/ ‘die Geheimwaffen de 3. Reich’ - D. Irving

  • zeer goede analyse uit 1965 (!) van de Engelse reactie (of gebrek daaraan….) op dreigende inzet van de Duitse terreurwapens V1, V2,
  • HC, 320 pgs. wv. 16 pg photos, new. € 29,95 (Vz.kn.v.a. €5,95)

V1, eine Dokumentation - W. Helmold

  • nog steeds één vd beste Duitse V1 boeken,
  • HC, many ill,
  • occ € 17,95 (Vz.kn. v.a. € 5,95)

V2, Gefrorene Blitze, W.Gückelhorn

  • beautiful German book 2007 about technique and tactics of the V2, and commitment late '44 / early '45 against Belgium / England.
  • Many unique photos / ill, A4 , HC dust jacket, 220 pgs, many ill, condition as new,. € 34,95

V1- Eiffel Schreck, W.Gückelhorn & D.Paul

  • beautifully geill. German book on technique and use of the V1 during WW2, also launches from EN territory
  • Many ill, photos,  A4, HC with dust jacket, 206 pgs, condition as new,. € 34,95

Specialeinheiten ‘39-‘45 – T. Ripley

  • several. Duitse geheime wapens/ eenheden zoals V1/V2, Kampfflugzeuge,  Panzer, U-boote komen aan bod,
  • German, HC, A4, 191 pgs, many ill,   € 27.95

The Deutsche Funkmess procedure - F.Trenkle,,de,Rocket hunter Me163 / Fighter jet,,nl,diary of a rocket hunter pilot who could repeat it,,nl,available in both German and NL,,nl,● Top secret bird,,de,Wolfgang Late,,de,Majoor Late what commandant van het attempt command Me163,,de,has tested this secret device in Venlo,,nl,technical description and lots of operational info,,nl,hardcover with dust jacket,,nl,with photos,,nl,as,,de,LIBERATION / WW2 GENERAL,,nl,● From Market Garden to Liberation,,nl,LAST COPIES,,nl

  • sought technical standard work on the development of German radar systems in WW2,
  • orig. out. AEG-Telefunken, SC with dust jacket, and. 200 pgs, many ill,
  • € p.o.a,,pt,single ex,,nl,with minor damage a.d,,nl,back for €,,nl.

Raketenjäger Me163/ Straaljager – M.Ziegler

  • dagboek van een raketjager piloot die het na kon vertellen
  •  zowel in Duits als NL leverbaar!
  • 246 p, Geill, HC, new € 24,95(Vz.kn.v.a.€ 5,95)

● Streng geheime Vogel : Me 163 – Wolfgang Späte

  • Majoor Späte was commandant van het Versuchskommando Me163 , that O.Â. in Venlo dit geheime toestel getest heeft
  •  technische beschrijving en veel operationele info
  •  German, hardcover met stofomslag, 330 pgs. wv. 8 met fotos, als nw € 24,95