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Battlefieldtour Airwar ’40-’45 – Fliegerhorst Deelen

Battlefieldtour Airwar ’40-’45 – Fliegerhorst Deelen


De 'Fliegerhorst Deelen 'day tour omvat een uitgebreid bezoek aan vliegbasis Deelen, day- en nachtjacht vliegbasis tijdens de 2e Wereldoorlog.

Before lunch, after an extensive introduction to the Air War ’40-’45 by the excursion leader- gebouwen en locaties in het vm. ‘Divisions-dorf’ around vm. Luftwaffe command bunker ‘Diogenes’
After lunch we visit the vm. housing complexes, remains, fuel depot Me 163 rocket fighter, airfield, "bomb line" and hangars of the former. Luftwaffe night yacht base 'Alster', the largest monument of Netherlands!
Aan het einde van de excursie bezoeken we Museum Vliegbasis Deelen, het enige museum dat volledig gewijd is aan de Luchtoorlog ’40-’45.

Attention. The Fliegerhorst Deelen Battlefield day tour can be carried out for groups on all days (except. zondag)!

PLANNED DATA 2023 ‘Airwar / FLH’ tour (NEC. enough participants): 25 March, 29 april, 24 June, 29 July, 26 aug, 30 seven, 28 okt, 25 nov. Attention. these are provisional, scheduled dates, these can therefore change!! For current info "events’ op de ‘home’-pagina


Mobile: 06-21865900 (ma-vr 09.00-17.00) / Email: DRG@hccnet.nl

Data may change, the excursions only take place when we have enough reservations! (Bij grote belangstelling kunnen extra data ingelast worden!


  • The participation fee of Fliegerhorst Battlefield Tour (weekdays) amount to € 59,50 pp. ( incl. lunch/museum)
  • This amount is inc. expert 'badged’ guide of the Guild of Battlefield Guides, buffetlunch, entree Museum Vlb Deelen, event. meerijden in DRG-MPV (max.6 pers) for those by public transport / bike come. Readers with background information about Fliegerhorst Deelen and Bunker Diogenes are available a € 2,- p.st.


  • Bij boeking en betaling minstens 4 weken voor de excursiedatum wordt 10% vroegboek-korting verleend op het reguliere tarief ongeacht het aantal deelnemers (Note: to amend the booking void the discount!).
  • When booking from,,nl,or more persons at the same time will be a discount of,,nl 5 or more persons at the same time will be an additional discount of 10% granted. De betaling dient bij boeking direct te worden voldaan.
  • For private tour groups on dates other than the above the rate depends on the number of persons and booked hours:
  • between 10-20 people 10% discount, between 20-30 people 20% and between 30-50 people 30% discount on the regular rate, with a minimum of € 495,- incl. BTW incl.buffetlunch, museum-bezoek en gebruik van DRG-voertuig ( max.6 pers).
  • It is basically driven by private cars, participants per OV / fiets kunnen zonder meerkosten meerijden in de DRG-voertuig ! (max.6 pers). You must indicate this in advance!


  • Starting Point / end point of this excursion is 09.30 you (walk from 09.00am) respectively. and. 15.30 you:
    Eetcafé Stal Mansour, Kemperbergerweg 793, 6816 RW Arnhem
  • Eetcafe Manege Mansour is easily reached by car from the A12 or A50 (exit Schaarsbergen, signs Nat.Park Hoge Veluwe persist) via the Koningsweg.
  • Eatery Manege Mansour is also accessible by city bus,,nl,exit end Kemperbergerweg at Pannekoekhuis the Strooper,,nl: lijn 9, uitstappen einde Kemperbergerweg bij Pannekoekenhuis den Strooper
  • (Attention: for info etc. please contact DRG, see above, DO NOT contact Eetcafe Mansour!!)

Nearby Museums: http://www.arnhemsoorlogsmuseum.com



Interesting videos about Vlb. Parts/detonation aircraft bomb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnYZ2YO4fkQ

Airport history by Dick Veerman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQcfbGQfxXg


Share History Dump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iTt-dfD7M0

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