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3On this page you will find our range of books about the air war,,nl,Price on request = book is available,,nl,Out of Stock,,nl,price depends on purchasing,,nl,Bob Gerritsen,,nl,Its origins and Operations against the 1st British Airborne Division September,,en,ONLY,,en,COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR LEFT,,en,Shipping NL from €5,95,,en,C.N.J.Neisingh / J.R.Verbeek,,fr,● E,,en,incl.code for dig.version on the site of the publisher,,nl,from D,,fr,ecker,,en,● Traces in the sky,,nl,Shipping costs € 5.95 / NL,,nl,● nights in the bomber stream,,de,● sand and fire,,de,biography Nachtjagd pilot,,nl,later Kommodore NJG1,,da,● Werner Mölders,,de,● Z,,pl,translation of original book ‘To fly and fight,,nl,● My logbook -Gunther Rall,,de,● enemy contact,,de,that flew with the ME262 jet fighter,,nl,NL €5,95,,en, Night Fighting / German Air Defence, Fliegerhorst Deelen, radar-developments, but also on important mil. operations such as Market Garden, D-day, tanks, etc.. These books are usually in stock and a selection is on display and sale during the excursions. Looking for a book? Let us know, we will make you a non-binding offer! Orders. per email: bestelboek@hccnet.nl

Attention: We have many more books than we can display here, our complete current range of hundreds of new and antiquarian books in the field of Military History you will find via this link:


  • in NL v.a. €4,15,,en,€4,15,,en (briefpakje PostNL), packet ( Track&Trace) from € 5,95 NL/ DHL
  • SPECIAL OFFER: boeken boven euro 25 : altijd pakketzending met Track&Trace / DHL !!
  • Verzendkosten Belgie: v.a. € 6,-/ DPD pickup-parcel of €,,en,Eyewitness accounts,,de,'Prince Henry,,de,and the rail artillery of the German Wehrmacht,,nl,pgs many photos and ill,,nl 6,50 DPD Pakket
  • Attention: prices quoted are indicative of antiquarian books, these may differ regarding . supply and quality!
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OUR BOOKS TOP,,nl,Market Garden to liberation,,nl,J.Brouwer,,nl,P.Grimm e.v.a,,en,Red Berets,,en,Red Crosses,,en,Ingrid Beltman,,nl,Schlei position Schiermonnikoog,,de,René Voulon,,fr, Off at Last,,en,OUR BOOKS TOP,,nl,Market Garden to liberation,,nl,J.Brouwer,,nl,P.Grimm e.v.a,,en,Red Berets,,en,Red Crosses,,en,Ingrid Beltman,,nl,Schlei position Schiermonnikoog,,de,René Voulon,,fr, Off at Last,,en 10 – June 2019

1. Fighting the British at Arnhem,,en,Fighting the British at Arnhem,,en: SS-Unterführerschule Arnhem,,de,PLEASE NOTE,,en,Reserve your copy now at only €,,en,‘Fighting the British at Arnhem’ describes,,en,This force was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans von Tettau,,en,Its main task was to destroy the British airborne forces and thwart Allied plans,,en,from Trez / Peter Hendrix,,fr,Very nice German book about this elite corps of the Luftwaffe,,nl – Bob Gerritsen

2. Vergeltungswaffen in NL – Henk Koopman

3. Schiermonnikoog in wartime,,nl,Voulon,,fr,Radio Kootwijk,,nl,van der Pluym,,nl,Study group SGLO,,af,Lockheed T-33 in nederland,,en,Schiermonnikoog in wartime,,nl,Voulon,,fr,Radio Kootwijk,,nl,van der Pluym,,nl,Study group SGLO,,af,Lockheed T-33 in nederland,,en- R. Voulon

4. Radarstelling Tiger Terschelling – P. van Leeuwen

5. Duits Deelen- I.Beltman

6. Radio Kootwijk,,nl,van der Pluym,,nl – Cees van der Pluym,,nl,● K2 Topographical Staff Map,,nl

7. Lockheed T-33 in Nederland – H.Groeneveld

8. Airports in wartime – P.Grimm- Studiegroep SGLO

9. Arnhem, their final Battle – Pijpers & Truesdale

10. Deutsche Fallschirmjäger – V.Kühn

NEW RELEASE,,en,introduction offer  €,,en,Bridges are burning,,en,Bridges are ours,,en,begin 2019,,en,…,,en,softcover occ,,en,hardcover occ,,en,NEW RELEASE,,en,introduction offer  €,,en,Bridges are burning,,en,Bridges are ours,,en,begin 2019,,en,…,,en,softcover occ,,en,hardcover occ,,en !!!

Fighting the British at Arnhem,,en,Fighting the British at Arnhem,,en: SS-Unterführerschule Arnhem,,de,PLEASE NOTE,,en,Reserve your copy now at only €,,en,‘Fighting the British at Arnhem’ describes,,en,This force was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans von Tettau,,en,Its main task was to destroy the British airborne forces and thwart Allied plans,,en,from Trez / Peter Hendrix,,fr,Very nice German book about this elite corps of the Luftwaffe,,nl – Its origins and Operations against the 1st British Airborne Division September 1944

  • high quality limited edition – Sigmond Publishing book by renown Market Garden author Bob Gerritsen (e.g. A few vital hours / Arnhem Bridge-Target Mike One)
  • new, A4 hardback, 224 pages, lavishly illustrated w. 300 b/w photos, documents & maps, full colour cover
  • introduction offer €,en 34,50 + pp
  • ‘Fighting the British at Arnhem’ describes, amongst other events, the involvement of the SS Unterführerschule Arnheim in what is now known as ‘The Battle of Arnhem’.
  • The SS Unterführerschule,,de,Arnheim was a school for soldiers of the Waffen-SS where they were trained to become non-commissioned officers,,en,The training was extremely demanding and rigorous,,en,During the ‘Battle of Arnhem’ the school’s officers and students were chiefly deployed on the western fringes of the area so desperately defended by the 1st British Airborne Division,,en,It was incorporated into the ‘Kampfgruppe von Tettau’,,en,a force raised as a direct result of the airborne landings,,en – Arnheim was a school for soldiers of the Waffen-SS where they were trained to become non-commissioned officers. The training was extremely demanding and rigorous.
  • During the ‘Battle of Arnhem’ the school’s officers and students were chiefly deployed on the western fringes of the area so desperately defended by the 1st British Airborne Division. It was incorporated into the ‘Kampfgruppe von Tettau’, a force raised as a direct result of the airborne landings. This force was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans von Tettau. Its main task was to destroy the British airborne forces and thwart Allied plans, both of which they managed to do.
  • Not only does Bob Gerritsen share with us the school’s early history and its deployment during the Battle of Arnhem, but he goes on to describe the unit’s desperate struggle to fend off later Allied attacks in the area south of the River Rhine. There the school fought fierce battles and suffered many casualties, eventually leading to its demise and disbandment in November 1944.


Vergeltungswaffen in Nederland, inzet van de V1, V2 en V4 vanaf Nederlands grondgebied 1944-1945 – Henk Koopman

  • Splinternieuw NL boek over de techniek en lanceerplaatsen in NL van de V1 vliegende bom, de V2 en V4 raket-wapens tijdens WO2
    – Henk Koopman bestudeerde de inzet van deze terreurwapens vanaf de jaren ’70 en deed onderzoek in binnen- en buitenlandse archieven.
    – Dit boek is de weerslag van al die jaren onderzoek, wat een uitgebreid beeld van bekende en onbekende aspecten van de inzet van Duitse V-wapens vanuit NL in 1944 in 1945 oplevert
  • Hardcover, A4 format, 330 pgs, over 500 fotos en ill, condition as new, € 45,– ( Vz.kn NL 5,95)

Bridges are burning & Bridges are ours – M. de Trez/Peter Hendrix

  • After the publication of ‘Orange is the Colour of the Day‘ (2 vols/ see down below ) which covers the depart and actions of the 101 US Airborne Division, Michel De Trez and Peter Hendrikx have now compiled the complete pictorial history of the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden and its aftermath.
  • “Burning Bridges” (volume 1) and “Bridges Are Ours” (volume 2) are the culmination of 35 years of airborne history research……
  • 976 pages and over 1600 B/W and FC photographs,,en,most of which have never been published before.  Hardcover,,en,Folio format 24,,en,shipping  weight,,en,kgs,,en,set ,,en,All photos are identified either by date,,en,location,,en,name of individual soldiers,,en,equipment,,en,or historical context,,en,Often all these leads have been identified,,en,This resulted in erudite and extensive captions,,en,Rare identified airborne equipment,,en,documents and artifacts from the December44 and D-Day Experience Museums’ collections and local collections are spread throughout the book,,en, most of which have never been published before.
  • hardcover, Folio format 24×30,5 cm , shipping weight 5,5 kgs(!), € 189,-/ set (Shipping NL from €5,95)
  • All photos are identified either by date, location, name of individual soldiers, equipment, or historical context. Often all these leads have been identified. This resulted in erudite and extensive captions.
    Rare identified airborne equipment, documents and artifacts from the December44 and D-Day Experience Museums’ collections and local collections are spread throughout the book.

♠ Die Fallschirmjäger der Luftwaffe – Volkmar Kühn

NEWEST Completely revised reprint in large format,,nl,NEWEST Completely revised reprint in large format,,nl!!

  • Zeer mooi Duits boek over dit elite korps van de Luftwaffe. The inzet van parachutist bij de invasie in België one NL in May 1940 BETEK een revolutie in the oorlogsvoering. Daarna Vochten the Luftwaffe Para's aan vele front oa. in the conquest of Crete where they heavy losses,
  • german language, hardcover , 320 pgs. en maar liefst 376 photos, grootformaat 24×30 cm,
  • allernieuwste herdruk, € 24,95


● Airports in wartime,,nl,● Airports in wartime,,nl – P.Grimm e.a.

(SGLO / NIMH edition 2017)

  • Beautiful must-have book, 1e druk was in 2009 quickly sold out.
  • Now available,,nl,2nd revised edition,,nl,Details of ALL over,,nl,the war in NL by Air Force,,nl,logistics and air defense organization,,nl,DHL package delivery NL € 5,45 / € 6,75 Belgium,,nl,Now available,,nl,2nd revised edition,,nl,Details of ALL over,,nl,the war in NL by Air Force,,nl,logistics and air defense organization,,nl,DHL package delivery NL € 5,45 / € 6,75 Belgium,,nl: de 2e herziene druk!
  • Uitgebreide beschrijving van ALLE meer dan 40 in de oorlog in NL door Luchtmacht, Luftwaffe, RAF and USAAF constructed and used airfields. With a lot of background information about construction, logistics and air defense organisation.
  • Hardcover with DC, A4 format, over 500 pgs (!) with many illustrations, BW / color, maps, graphics etc..
  • condition as new,. € 47,50 (verzendkosten DHL pakket NL € 5,95/ Belgie €6,75)

●Radar in Nederland 1940-1945 – C.N.J.Neisingh/ J.R.Verbeek

  • Recent in-house published description of German Funk Mess,nl (= Radar) installations, structures and their locations in the Netherlands during WW2.
  • Softcover, A4 format, 260 pgs, many illustrations and photographs,
  • condition as new,. momenteel niet leverbaar, herdruk verwacht 2019……?

NL Slag Grebbeberg

Slag om de Grebbeberg – S.Minjon (red)

  • With the German invasion in May 1940 the neutral Netherlands lost its freedom. However that did not go without a fight. The fierce battle for the Grebbeberg was accompanied by huge losses on both sides; Rhenen and Wageningen were laid in ruins. This book depicts the Battle of the Grebbeberg of this struggle. By showing more than 330 photos, the reader is taken from the mobilization time in August 1939 to the May days 1940 and the devastation left behind, with the Dutch soldiers in the leading role.
  • For the first time the Battle of the Grebbeberg is presented in all phases through, mostly German pictures. With unique images of the struggle itself, seen through German eyes surrounded by German soldiers who had orders to bring down the Dutch opponents as quickly as possible to their knees.
  • hardcover, 22 x 28 cm, 248 pgs, with 330 BW. photos,
  • condition as new,. € 29,95
B_BOOM088 NIMH Omslag Eenige wakkere jongens.inddB_BOOM089 NIMH Omslag Take-off.inddB_BOOM087 NIMH Omslag De jonge jaren van de luchtmacht.indd

● Eenige Wakkere Jongens – E.van Loo

  • Geschiedenis van NL vliegers in dienst van de RAF tijdens WO II. During World War II more than 650 Dutch men took part in the air battle over Europe,almost 235 of them lost their. Who were they ?
  • "A few Awake Boys’ is the first comprehensive study on the Dutch air forces in Britain. The book describes the hitherto underexposed history of a group of intrepid young men, exiled soldiers, volunteers from overseas and Engelandvaarders, who risked their lives for the freedom of others.
  • Paperback, Dutch language, illustrated, , 516 pgs. condition as new,. € 34,90

De jonge jaren van de Kon.Luchtmacht – Dick Starink

  • Just a hundred years ago, the Dutch military was enriched with air power. During the First World War, the plane made a great development and dominated the international strategic discussion.
  • This book describes the search for a new dimension of warfare in the period up to the mobilization of 1939. In addition to measures in areas such as organization, personnel and equipment this publication focuses on the close relationship of air power and the aircraft industry,
  • paperback, 420 pgs, Dutch language, illustrated, , condition as new,. € 34,90

Take Off – De build-up of the NL Air Force 1945-1973 – Quirijn van der Vecht

  • For the Dutch air forces the end of the Second World War marked the beginning of a new era. On the basis of many new sources 'Take-off' outlines a complete picture of the Royal Air Force in the heyday of the Cold War.
  • paperback, 512 pgs. illustrated, nw € 34,90 (Vz.kn.NL 5,95)



Cradle Soesterberg Airbase – Rolf Winter

  • Special edition commemorating 100 year Anniversary Royal Netherlands Airforce. Details history Soesterberg, cradle of Kon.Luchtmacht. This beautifully designed book provides a unique insight into the development of a century of military aviation in the Netherlands.
  • This is a Layar-book: With your smartphone or tablet this well illustrated jubilee edition gets an extra audiovisual dimension which allows you to view historical film clips from a fascinating history.
  • Large Format A4 hardcover / bound, 260 pgs, many ill, largely FC!!, incl.code voor dig.versie op de site vd uitgever, condition as new,. € 39,50

NL Schleistelling - VoulonNL eeuw mil luchtvaart

‘Schlei-stelling’ – Schiermonnikoog during the air war 40-45 -R.Voulon

  • After the publications on the Tiger stellung on Terschelling and Biber-Stellung in Brielle is a Dutch book published in limited edition of one of the German Funk Mess (= Radar) positions along our coast: the "Schlei-stellung’ (2e Category ) on Schiermonnikoog.
  • Both Lufwaffe Funk Mess sites as the Flak- and Kriegsmarine-gun positions and war events on / around the island are covered in this book. Many unique pictures and maps,
  • softcover, A4 format, 166 pgs. wv. 36 color pages, laatste 2e herziene druk, condition as new,. € 32,95

Bezetting in Vogelvlucht – T.vd Berg, C. de Decker

  • A fantastic book (published 2012) aerial photography over NL during WW2, many beautiful aerial photographs of which. sommige in 3D! (glasses are incl),
  • 260 pgs, bound. hardcover A4 format, many photos and ill,new
  • new. € 49,95

NL Gevallen helden -crashes EpeNL Bezetting in vogelvlucht

● Gevallen helden – G.&S. Kamphuis

  • Detailed description of 15 plane crashes in Community of. Epe during WO2 ,
  • 310 pgs, several. ill and pictures, bound. hardcover, 310 pgs.
  • condition as new,. € 27,95

Teerosen on the Veluwe- W.H.Tiemens

  • Uniek boek over techniek Luftwaffe Y-systeem (=plaatsbepaling Boden-Bord communicatie jachtvliegtuigen) en de wederwaardigheden van de Teerosen Ln-mannen en vrouwen op Terlet en Zijpenberg.
  • Bound, 120 pgs, many unique black / white photos. Will not be reprinted and is therefore a solid investment!!
  • new. van € 59,50 to € 79,90 (depending. quality)

NL Facetten Slag om ArnhemNL teerosen.tiemens

Facetten van de slag om Arnhem – W.H.Tiemens

  • Wanted booklet which describes several aspects of battle of Arnhem:. Luftwaffe Command centre Diogenes / Y-bearing stations 'Teerosen', the recovered diary of a Unteroffizier of Teerose 2 2, the Pegasus escape across the Rhine, betrayal Market Garden (King Kong)
  • new. in good order, 192 pgs.
  • v.a. € 17,50 to € 24,50

Air war over Ede – E. van de Weerd

  • Description of sixteen Allied crashes in the Gelderland Valley during WW2. The role of the Ede citizens and the opposition is highlighted. On 17 september 1944 Ede is itself the target of Allied bombers in preparation for Market Garden. Among the citizens are 69 dead and many injured. Hardcover, 204 pgs, several. pictures,
  • condition as new,. Now from € 19.50 to € 12,95!!!
  • OFFER: samen met Ede in wapenrok voor € 29,95 (vz.kn NL € 5,95)

NL Ede in wapenrokLuchtoorlog boven Ede

Ede in armor – E. van de Weerd

  • The history of Ede as a garrison town from 1795, o.a. the events during the 2nd World War, such as plane crashes, bombing, Market Garden, Fliegerhorst Deelen etc. Lots of info and incl DVD 'Liberation of the Veluwe'.!! Nw. 2nd print, 516 pgs!!, bound
  • nieuw nu € 22,50 (Vz.kn.NL v.a. € 5,55)
  • OFFER: Coat of Arms Air War Ede together for,,nl,Coat of Arms Air War Ede together for,,nl 29,95 !!! (Vz.kn.NL € 5,75)

Vliegveld Deelen, van last tot lust – Dick Veerman

  • Most detailed description of Deelen and surroundings, originally published in 2004 as universal thesis, many ill., maps and color photos,
  • softcover (1nd print) of hardcover (2e druk/ enkele aanvullingen), 270 pgs, A4, softcover occ. v.a. € 49,50 / hardcover occ. € 69,50

NL Deelen, van last tot lust. klein

● Duits Deelen, Van vliegbasis tot jeugdzorg – I.Beltman

  • Introduction to the construction of Fliegerhorst Deelen from,,nl,In Deelen was the then 30-year-old officer and pilot chances are ideas about cooperation between pilots and radar stations,,nl,The former camp Cup Deelen with airport control tower and bunker,,nl 1940 en de organisatie van de Duitse Nachtjagd.
  • 2nd print, softcover 144 pgs, several. ill € 24,95
  • 1nd print / hardcover alleen antiquarisch (beperkt) leverbaar a € 29,50
  • Deelen was de thuisbasis van de Duitse Nachtjagd onder commando van maj. Wolfgang Falck. In Deelen kreeg deze toen 30-jarige officier en piloot de kans zijn ideeën over samenwerking van vliegers en radar stations (in het Duits : Funkmess) uit te werken en te testen. In de strategie van een moderne luchtoorlog bleek deze samenwerking tussen gevechtsvliegers en ‘groundcontrollers’ voor piloten van levensbelang.

NL schaarsbergen.klein

Schaarsbergen, of Zijpendaal to Kemperberg

  • Nice picture book about the history of this village, incl. unique photos of Diogenes and Divisionsdorf!, 89 pgs, lumbacked, format 22 x 22 cm
  • condition as new,. softcover € 14,95 / hardcover € 17,95

GB USAAF killing sky klein

Killing Sky – J. van der Kuylen

  • ‘An USAAF 8th Airforce bomber mission to Oschersleben/ Germany’, precise description of the experiences of the 8th Air Force on 11-1-44 in attacks at Oschersleben and Halberstadt.
  • ook verschillende crashes in Oost-NL!
  • A4 formas, hardcover, many photos and ill, crashlijst, Order of Battle from minute to minute, etc.,etc. excellent book!!
  • 150 pgs, English, Only a few ex. left..... SALE condition as new,. € 27,50

NL radarstelling Biber

Radarstelling Biber, kustverdediging op Oost-Voorne – Jeroen Rijpsma

  • Unique book with many pictures, maps and plans of the Luftwaffe radar site 'Biber'’ bij Brielle /Oost-Voorne,
  • now SOFT-cover, A4 Format, many pictures tickets etc, condition as new,. € on request!

NL Atlantikwall Goeree 2

Atlantikwall Goeree – Overflakkee - Peter Heijkoop / Jeroen Rijpsma

  • Unique book with many pictures, maps and bunker-plans of the Atlanticwall defences on Goeree-Overflakkee ,
  • Softcover, A4 Format, many pictures tickets etc, condition as new,. € on request

● Voorne-Putten in wartime 1939-1945 – Bob Benschop / Jeroen Rijpsma

  • Beautiful book about the war on Voorne-Putten, where developments are discussed extensively in the military field
  • hardcover, 208 pgs, A4 Format, lots of photos (in color!), cards etc, condition as new,.
  • € on request

NL Atlantikwall schouwen

Atlantic Schouwen-Duiveland - J.Rijpsma / P.C.Heijkoop

  • Beautifully designed book about the German defences on Schouwen-Duiveland during WW2. A4 format, 240 pgs, many photos and ill, bound hardcover, new on request

Küver-bunkers in NL – J.Rijpsma / K.van Brakel

  • Detailed description of the Luftwaffe 'küstenverteidigungs’ bunkers in the Neue Westwall as claimed Luftwaffe specifications are built on different locations in the coastal strip from 1942 defending Flak Shelf, radar positions and airports etc.
  • 2nd print, A4 format, softcover, 56 pgs, many illustrations and photographs, maps etc
  • new, €29,95,,en,€29,95,,en

Shelter City, bunker construction during WW2 and Cold War – Koos Bosma,

  • vd population protection against air attacks in England, Germany and NL, o.a. Seys-Inquart as developer, with many ill. and maps of bunkers in NL (o.a. Hague, Arnhem, Apeldoorn),
  • 464 pgs (!), hardcover, vanaf €19,95 (vz.kosten NL v.a. € 5,75)

Wespennest Leeuwarden (3 volumes) - Ab Jansen

  • Wanted books of Ab Jansen, doyen of the NL air war history, about the role Leeuwarden airbase played during Airwar WW2. Detailed account of the events of NJG 1 cq. NJG 2 night fighter crews who were stationed at Leeuwarden.
  • <Many photo's and ill, each book >200 pgs, 3 dlg. setprice paperback edition,,nl,€ on request / Verz.kn.NL V.a,,nl,●  Mayday,,en,€ on request,,nl,to fly and fight,,de,€ sold out,,nl,The exercises-affaire,,da,setprice paperback edition,,nl,€ on request / Verz.kn.NL V.a,,nl,●  Mayday,,en,€ on request,,nl,to fly and fight,,de,€ sold out,,nl,The exercises-affaire,,da from € 39,50. Hardback edition from € 49,50 (bibl.ex), without Dust Covers € 59,50 , with DC € 69,50 (shipping costs. NL € 5,50)

● Sporen aan de hemel (3 volumes) – Ab Jansen

  • gezochte boeken over gecrashte Amerikaanse bommenwerpers in NL, 3 volumes, bound, many photos and ill, each part is more than 300 pgs.
  • set price z.g.a.n. €79,50, ( nb. without. dustcovers € 69.50, ex-library € 59,95) (Vz.kn.v.a. € 5,95)

● Fliegerhorst Schiphol (3 volumes)– Ab Jansen

  • As new, complete set 3 volumes, History of Schiphol in wartime as German airbase,
  • many photos and ill, € 169,50 (Vz.kn.v.a. € 5,95)

Gevleugeld verleden – Ab Jansen

  • In this first book of the doyen vd NL air war history, several RAF crashes in NL are described. Collectors item!, 448 pgs, bound. and. € 35,- (Vz.kn.v.a. € 5,95)

Luchtgevaar! – A.Korthals Altes

  • All major air attacks on NL described, 356 pgs, many BW. photos, tables etc. in good order, OJ occ € 14,95

● And it was never quiet,,nl,G.J.Zwanenburg,,en,Wanted standard work in which chronologically all air strikes on NL during WW2 are described,,nl,In the appendix, Luftwaffe units in NL are discussed,,nl,● And it was never quiet,,nl,G.J.Zwanenburg,,en,Wanted standard work in which chronologically all air strikes on NL during WW2 are described,,nl (3 volumes) – G.J.Zwanenburg

  • Gezocht standaardwerk waarin chronologisch alle luchtaanvallen op NL tijdens WO2 worden beschreven. In the appendix, Luftwaffe units in NL are discussed,,nl,Market garden incl,,en,losses to aircraft,,nl,deploy V-weapons,,nl,Special Duty,,en,secret SOE operations,,nl,Appendix,,nl,total of 1272 pgs,,nl,index,,en,neat condition €,,nl,Unhook attachment,,nl,  €19,50,,en, Market garden incl. verliezen aan vliegtuigen, deploy V-weapons,,nl,total,,nl, Special Duty (geheime SOE operaties)
  • Hardcover, (bijlage : softcover) , totaal 1272 pgs(!), incl. vele photo's, index etc
  • new. nette staat € 189,50 (Vz.kn. € 5,75 in NL). Bijlage los: € 19.50

Radarstellung Tiger – P. van Leeuwen

  • Air war over Terschelling, introduction to german Night Fighting, many maps and photos of Funkmess stellung 2.Ordnung 'Tiger'’ ,
  • A4 format, soft cover, 2e herz.druk , new, 60 pgs. condition as new,. € 15,-

Forschungsstelle Langeveld – H.Knap

  • The incredible story of a German listening post in NL(first in Noordwijk, later Valkenswaard) waarmee de Duitsers het trans-atlantische telefoonverkeer vd. Allies!!
  • NL, paperback, new € 39,50

Van grasmat tot Fliegerhorst – C.Cornelissen

  • Excellent book on the history of Twente airbase in WO-2. Bound, over 500 pgs!!
  • new. from € 39,50

Huzaren van de nacht – C.Cornelissen

  • History of a Nachtjagdgruppe at Fliegerhorst Twente during WW2. Well laid-out book with many pictures / ill, bound, A4 format, over 300 pgs, new. € 39,50

Airbase Venlo, van bevrijding tot ontmanteling – H.Groeneveld

  • latest. fully revised edition about the USAAF at Venlo 1945, 278 pgs 264 photos, hardcover, A4 format ,
  • condition as new, € on request / Verz.kn.NL v.a. € 5,75)

● Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!! – H.Groeneveld

  • Beautiful new book about the aircraft crashes around Venlo 1920 untill 2010, 296 pgs. with many photos, hardcover, A4 format,
  • condition as new,. € on request (Vz.kn. NL €5,75)

Airbase Venlo – J.Derix

  • Rare, and sought after edition 2 volumes covering building and destruction of the German night fighting airbase, plus an overview of the airwar in south part of Netherlands,
  • paperback, in total 344 pgs, many ill, new. in zeer nette staat € 69,50 (Verz.kn NL v.a. € 5,95 )

Bergen Airfield – J.H.Schuurman

  • Fraai vormgegeven boek over dit vrijwel verdwenen Nederlandse vliegveld in N-Holland, which was also used by the Luftwaffe,
  • oblong format, 335 pages with many unique photos,
  • bound hardcover, as new. € 49,95


Falkenjahre – Wolfgang Falck

  • Interesting autobiography of Commodore of NJG 1, Wolfgang Falck, between '41 -'43 headed the staff of NJG1 at Deelen Airfield. This well written book is a must for those specialising in the night air war and German Air Defence.
  • german language, bound, >400 pgs, many photographs from personal archives of Falck.
  • New condition, € 47.50 incl. Inlay signature / photo of W.Falck!!!! * (Vz.kn. NL v.a. € 5,95)

GB NJ Happy Falcon

Happy Falcon – Wolfgang Falck,

  • English version of B32A, 200 pgs, bound. A4 – format, glossy paper, some FC-plates of- Falck's ME-110 images,
  • condition as new,. staat NU van €59,- only € 39,95 !!!

Tevens leverbaar -tegen dezelfde prijs- uit deze belangwekkende Duitse biografie-serie: (Verzendkosten €5,95 /NL)

● Walter Krupinski,,sk,● Walter Krupinski,,sk – K.Braatz,

  • biography Luftwaffe top-ace,
  • hardcover A4 format, 336 pgs. and appr. 90 photos, € 49,50

● Nächte im Bomberstrom – Paul Zorner,

  • biography of Night Fighter pilot who. also flew from Gilze-Rijen Airbase,
  • hardcover A4 format, 336 pages with appr.. 125 photos, € 49,50

● Sand und Feuer – Martin Drewes ,

  • biografie Nachtjagd piloot, later Kommodore NJG1
  • hardcover A4 format, 335 pgs. appr. 90 BW. photos, € 49,50

● Werner Mölders – K.Braatz ,

  • biography of Luftwaffe top-ace ,
  • hardcover A4 format, 400 pages with appr. 112 photos, € 49,50

● Zum Fliegen und Kämpfen – C. 'Bud'’ Anderson (USAAF),

  • german biography of. unique American pilot 3 who flew in 3 wars.!
  • vertaling van oorspronkelijke boek ‘To fly and fight’
  • hardcover A4 format, 368 pgs 118 photos, € 49,50

● Mein Flugbuch -Gunther Rall,

  • biography top Luftwaffe ace,
  • hardcover A4 format, 376 pgs, with 152 photos, € 49,50

● Feindberührung – Julius Meimberg,

  • hardcover A4 format, 352 pgs 154 photos, € 49,50

● Die Ersten und die Letzten – A.Galland

  • Memoires of one of the most famous Luftwaffe Aces and General der Jagdflieger 'Adolf Galland'. Galland was held responsible by Goering for criticism from his pilots (such as. Steinhoff) at the Luftwaffe-top 2 two months before the end of war,and was degraded by Goering to 'Staffelkapitän' of the Elite Jagdverband 44 dat met de ME262 straaljager vloog.
  • german language, new, 392 pgs, bound, format 15 x 20 cm , latest revised edition with >200 BW pictures an maps!.
  • € 16,95 (Vz.kn.NL € 5,75)

Major Joachim Müncheberg – vom König von Malta zum legendären Jägerass von Tunis

  • Muencheberg Vocht in Slag om de Engeland as squadron commander Lieutenant s van 7.JG26. After 20 over 20 victories he received 1940 het Ridderkruis en de &#8216;Medaglia d&#8217;Oro’ of Italy, een eer die verder alleen H.J.Marseille toekwam.
  • After 103 Abschusse ontving hij in september 1942 het Eikenloof met de Zwaarden bij zijn Ridderkruis, en ging hij als Kommodore van JG77 naar N-Afrika. In March 1943 stortte hij neer bij Maknassy in Tunesië.
  • M. flew over 500 operationele vluchten en heeft 135 victories to his name
  • 160 pgs, 80 fotos, ingebonden HC, 17×24 cm, condition as new, € 12,95

Obtlt.Heinz Bär, fighter pilot on all fronts – F.Kurowski

  • Heinz Bär flew with JG51 / JG1 / JV 44 (= Me 262) and gained 220 victories, survived the war despite 18 crashes and parachute jumps(!), en werd gedecoreerd met RK + Oak Leafs + Swords.
  • german language, 160 p / 60 photos, bound, format 17 x 24 cm, nwe.herdruk € 12,95

In Last Hour - Johannes Steinhof

  • About the uprising led by. Steinhof of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots against Reichsmarschall Goering, 2 months before the end vd war.
  • Steinhof was Kommodore JG77 and flew into the elite JV 44 headed by. Galland, with Me262 jets,
  • German, 286 pgs, 1st edition, second hand . € 14,95

Oblt. Otto Kittel, most succesful fighterpilot JG54 – F.Kurowski

  • Kittel won 267 victories at JG 54 and thus earned the Ritterkreuz Oak Leaves Swords
  • german language, 160 p / 60 photos, size 17x 24 cm, nwe.herdruk €12,95

Mal oben, mal unten dl. 1 /2 – Erhardt Jähnert

  • Autobiography of a Stuka pilot (dive bomber) in 2 volumes:
  • Dl. 1 – as Sturzkampfpilot an all Fronts 1935-1943
  • Dl.2: as Staffelkapitän with the Stukageschwader 3 at the Ostfront 1943-1945.
  • Jähnert flew over 700 (!) missions. Stukas and other attack aircraft, rose to the rank of major and received the Knight's Cross + Oak Leafs. He died in 2006.
  • Each volume plm. 208 pgs, Appr.. 60 photos, bound hardcover, format 17 x 24 cm, price € 14,95 per volume, buy 2 volumes. condition as new,. € 34,95 incl. shipment!

Duell unter den Sternen – Wilhelm Johnen

  • Auto-biography of a famous Night Hunting pilot and Knight's slower-. Johnen vloog o.a. vanaf Venlo (I.NJG1 en III.NJG6) and gained 34 night victories, earning him the Knight's Cross.
  • If Gruppen-commander III.NJG6 he survived the war in the rank of Hauptmann.
  • Plm. 240 pgs, 60 photos, German, bound, size 21×24 cm, new reprint!!! € 14,95

Night Airwar, personal recollections - Theo Boiten

  • 'The night air war over Western Europe was most sustained and costly campaign of its kind That the world has ever known. Theo Boiten, a leading military aviation historian, has gathered the Always harrowing and often inspiring firsthand accounts of 77 airmen who took to the dark skies for both Allied and Axis nations. Illustrated with previously unpublished photos from the veterans’ private collections, this anthology is sure to prove an invaluable record of one of the most crucial aspects of World War II.’
  • English, 192 pgs, several. photos , 25 x 19 cm € 35,-

Battles with the Nachtjagd – Night-airwar over Europe ’40 -’45 – Theo Boiten & Martin Bowman

  • Uitgebreide verhandeling (gepubl. 2006) over de nachtelijke luchtoorlog aan het Westelijke front, zowel vanuit RAF/ Bomber Command als vanuit Luftwaffe perspectief, with a record of events from night to night. Vele tabellen en aanvullende info over verliezen etc.
  • Ingebonden hardcover, A4 format, 346 pgs, many BW. photos.
  • € 89,95 (Vz.kn. NL €5,95)

Princes of Darkness – C.R.Knott

  • 2009 verschenen biografie van Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein en Egmont Prinz zur Lippe-Weissenfeld, twee Duitse adellijke Ritterkreuz-träger die bij de Nachtjagd vlogen en onder verdachte omstandigheden omkwamen (beide zijn begraven in Ijsselstein (L),
  • English, many BW. photos, enkele afb. in kleur. 208 pgs, bound hardcover, new. € 99,50

Im Strom feindlicher Bomber : der Eichenlaubträger Heinz Strüning und die Deutsche Nachtjagd 1940-1945 – H-J.Röll

  • Biografie over Nachtjagd ace Heinz Strüning , the o.a. flew from GilzeRijen and Venlo 56 air victories.
  • Hardcover , 232 pp met 118 BW. photos, format 17 x 24 cm, € 15,95

DU LW NJ Im Strom feindlicher Bomber

Die Deutsche Nachtjagd – Werner Hero / Holger Nauroth

  • DID Nachtjacht photo book o.a. unique recordings made Deelen and Diogenes during the war Duitstalig, bound, 232 pgs, new reprint,
  • prijs was € 25,50 now € 14,95

Die Deutsche Tagjagd – Werner Held

  • Nieuwe druk, interesting photo book, counterpart of ‘The Deutsche Nachtjagd’,,nl,€5,95,,en,still one of the best German V1 books,,nl,mentions, among other things, the cancellation of the landing of a British brigade at Elst as one of the causes of the failure of Market Garden,,nl,● Orange is the colour of the Day – P.Hendrikx/ M,,en,● D-Dayminus,,fr,Sepp Kraft has played in the Battle of Arnhem,,nl,Illustrated History Kampfgruppe Knaust Sept-Oct,,en,hardcover boek in A4 format,,en,● Freddie Gough’s Specials at Arnhem,,en,price € 9.50,,nl,that,,mt,Böttger survived,,nl,with severe burns,,nl,the war and later became a dental doctor,,nl.
  • bound, 224 pgs, many pictures s, German, new reprint, € 25,50 not € 14,95

History of the German night fighter - G.Aders

  • DO standard on nachtjacht, many photos, maps and tables,
  • 392 pgs, german language, NB: is becoming rarer and therefore more expensive ....... € 49,50 (Vz.kn. € 5,95)

● History of German Nightfighting,

  • Engelstalige versie van Geschichte der Deutsche Nachtjagd
  • € 39,50 (Vz.kn Eur 5,95)

Blitzmädchen – Franz W.Seidler

  • Fraai Duitstalig boek over de rol de vele vrouwelijke Vrijwilligers within the above. the Luftnachrichten service (Liaison) the Luftwaffe played, O. the radar- and Y-level positions, FLAK- and searchlight units, bound, 166 pgs.
  • nieuwstaat € 27,50

The fighter aces - F.Kurowski,

  • Beautiful book on the 100 most decorated Luftwaffe pilots, together account for more than 10.000 'Abschusse'!!….German, new. reprint, 364 pgs. bound,
  • original price was € 39,90 not € 21,95 (verz.kn € 5,95)

Ludwig Havighorst – Franz Kurowski

  • biography of remarkable bomber pilot and parachutist (!), geb.hardcover, 17×24 cm, 406 pgs. with 243 photos,
  • condition as new,. € 17,95 (Vz.kn. € 5,95)

DU LW Hptmn. Hans-Jochim Marseille

Hans-Joachim Marseille- F.Kurowski

  • Biografie van een van de meest succesvolle jachtvlieger van de Luftwaffe
  • Marseille schoot tijdens 388 misies 158 vliegtuigen neer, wat hem het Ridderkruis met Eikenloof, Zwaarden en Brillianten opleverde
  • German, 240 pgs, 200 photos , A4 format , latest reprint 2015, gebonden hardcover met stofomslag € 27,95

Major Wilhelm Batz, van vlieginstructeur dead Zwaardendrager – F.Kurowski

  • Wilhelm Batz achieved by JG 2 size less than 233 victories, earning him the RK + Oak Leafs + Swords yielded. german language, 160 p / plm. 100 images, format 17 x 24 cm, nwe herdruk nu € 12,95

Maj.Heinz -Wolfgang Schnaufer

  • Schnaufer what de meest gevreesde cq. successful German night fighter pilot of WW2, schoot met zijn bemanning 121 bombers down and received the highest award: RK with swords and brilliants pinned by Hitler,
  • 160 pg / 100 photos, 17x24cm, reprint, now € 12,95 !

Het Nachtspook van St.Truiden: Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer - W.Govaerts

  • NL first biography of the most decorated German pilot Nachtjagd. Schnaufer, this shot along with his crew as much 121 vn.Engelse bombers, earning him the Knight's Cross with Swords and yielded brilliant. Wim Govaerts had access to the family archive, resulting in a beautifully illustrated book
  • A4 format, 270 pgs, over 500 photos (!) in 32 pgs. in FC,
  • NOW from € 59,- now € 39,50

Bunker SOKRATES, Reichsluftverteidigung in Stade - D.Bohlmann

  • Unique book on German history vd sister bunker Diogenes at Stade (2e Jagd Division), the door Engelsen program 11 Ton TNT opgeblazen 1 nov 1948,
  • 1nd print, hardcover, 288 pgs, vele ill.en foto’s als nw. € 39,95

DU LW NJ sokrates.oud.klein

Bomberunits of the Luftwaffe ’39-’45 Deel 1– H.de Zeng/ D.Starkey

  • English standard work on the bomb-thrower units KG1 - KG60, HC, A4, 207 p, vele zw.w / FC. Ill nw. € 39,50

Deutsche Fallschirmjäger im Zweiten Weltkrieg- Volkmar Kühn

  • “Grune Teufel” im Sprungeinsatz und Erdkampf 1935-1945
  • Hardcover , A4 grootformaat (24×30 cm), 230 pgs, 376 fotos en kaarten
  • Geschiedenis van de Duitse paras, oprichting, training en -vaak beslissende- inzet bij fort Eben Emael (Belgie), rotterdam, noorwegen in 1940, kreta (1942), el alamein, tunis, sicilie, normandie, bretagne, monte cassino, jugoslavie (&#8216;brandenburger&#8217;), ardennen offensief
  • Nieuwste (2017) herziene en verbeterde druk , nu in A4 formaat!!! € 24,95


NL V-wapens in NL

German V-weapons in the Netherlands : Technology and launch sites – Peter Tolsma

  • A4 format , 214 pgs, softcover, many ill. partly in color, condition as new,. € 27,95

● Most Secret War -R.V. Jones

  • THE standard work on English spy and action against such. German Knickebein system, Funkmess (radar) / funk mess, V1 and V2, etc..
  • hardcover, 350 pgs, new. € 35,- (Vz.kn NL v.a. € 5,95)

GB SecetWar- JohnsonGB RAF sledgehammers fort tintacs

● Secret War - B.Johnson

  • well documented book on div. secret weapons WW2, SC, geill, 352 pgs. new. € 27,50

● Sledgehammer for tintacs – S.Darlow,

  • RAF Bomber Command vs. V1 bases ‘43-&#8217;44, 212p, Geill, HC, new. nw.st. € 27,50

● The Mare's Nest / 'that the Waffen Secret 3. Reich’ - D. Irving

  • analysis of deployment of the German terror weapons V1, V2, V3 and V4 in WW2 and the English response
  • HC, 320 pgs. wv. 16 pg photos, new. € 29,95 (Vz.kn.v.a. €5,95)

● V1, eine Dokumentation - W. Helmold

  • nog steeds één vd beste Duitse V1 boeken,
  • HC, many ill,
  • occ € 17,95 (Vz.kn. v.a. € 5,95)

● V2, Gefrorene Blitze, W.Gückelhorn,

  • beautiful German book 2007 about technique and tactics of the V2, and commitment late '44 / early '45 against Belgium / England.
  • Many unique photos / ill, A4 , HC dust jacket, 220 pgs, many ill, condition as new,. € 34,95

● V1- Eiffel Schreck, W.Gückelhorn & D.Paul

  • beautifully geill. German book on technique and use of the V1 during WW2, ook de lanceringen vanaf NL
  • grondgebied, Many ill, photos, A4, HC with dust jacket, 206 pgs, condition as new,. € 34,95

● Specialeinheiten '39-'45 – T. Ripley

  • V1/V2, Kampffl., Panzer, U-boats, German, HC, A4, 191 pgs, many ill, € 27.95

● Die Deutschen Funk Mess Verfahren - F.Trenkle

  • sought technical standard work on the development of German radar systems in WW2,
  • orig. out. AEG-Telefunken, SC with dust jacket, and. 200 pgs, many ill, € 95,-

● Rocket Jäger Me163 – M.Ziegler

  • diary ve.raketjager pilot, 246 p, Geill, HC, new € 24,95 (Vz.kn.v.a.€ 5,95)


NL MG De straat Kershaw

● The Street,,nl,● The battle of Arnhem,,nl,Antony Beevor,,en,appeared 'new standard work' by this well-known author,,nl,with zw.w,,nl,€32,50,,en,vz.kn,,en,● Arnhem,,en,● Stashed away,,nl,Ingrid Moon,,nl,€ 159,- ,,en,Travel by Dark,,en,REIGNED book on campaigns Kampfgruppe Knaust,,nl,● The Street,,nl,● The battle of Arnhem,,nl,Antony Beevor,,en,appeared 'new standard work' by this well-known author,,nl,with zw.w,,nl,€32,50,,en,vz.kn,,en,● Arnhem,,en,● Stashed away,,nl,Ingrid Moon,,nl,€ 159,- ,,en,Travel by Dark,,en,REIGNED book on campaigns Kampfgruppe Knaust,,nl – Robert Kershaw

  • interviews van vooraanstaand auteur met ooggetuigen die Sept&#8217;44 langs de Utrechtseweg woonden. Deze weg tussen Arnhem on Oosterbeek, one of the major routes march of the English paratroopers was during Market Garden. Van de ene dag op de andere veranderde een rustig dorp aan de Veluwe in de frontlinie.
  • Softcover , 400 pgs, 8 pgs met zw.w foto’s occ,,en,V. A. €,,sk,☻Market,,en,☻D-Dayminus,,en,☻A few vital hours,,en,pgs met zw.w foto’s occ,,en,V. A. €,,sk,☻Market,,en,☻D-Dayminus,,en,☻A few vital hours,,en. v.a. € 19,95 (Vz.kn NL € 5,75)

● De slag om Arnhem – Antony Beevor

  • 2018 appeared 'new standard work,,nl,from this well-known author,,nl,● Stashed away,,nl’ van deze bekende auteur
  • softcover, 480 pgs, wv. 32 met zw.w. fotos , € 32,50 + vz.kn 5,95 / NL

● Arnhem 40-45 – I.Jacobs,

  • fraai uitgevoerd photoboek over het leven in Arnhem tijdens WO2,
  • hardcover, A4, 116 pgs met 100 pictures color / zw.w, condition as new,. € 24,95

Van Market Garden tot Bevrijding , en het belang van het Over-Betuwse bruggenhoofd – Jan Brouwer

  • new reprint! Beautiful large format and richly illustrated NL book about the 'Battle of Arnhem,,nl,and battle for the Allied bridgehead that subsequently arose in the Overbetuwe and that was meant for possible attacks in the Northern or Eastern direction,,nl,In an almost encyclopedic way, the author describes the military course of events from September,,nl,Their Final Battle,,en,K2 German Topographic map 40WEST stand,,nl’ en strijd om het Geallieerde bruggenhoofd dat daarna in de Overbetuwe ontstond en dat was bedoeld voor eventuele aanvallen in Noordelijke of Oostelijke richting.
  • Op bijna encyclopedische wijze beschrijft de auteur de militaire gang van zaken vanaf september 1944, toen Op. Market Garden begon aanvang nam, tot en met de capitulatie van de Duitse troepen in mei 1945.
  • De auteur, die uiteraard veel aandacht heeft voor het Over-Betuwse bruggenhoofd (&#8216;the Island&#8217;), noemt onder meer het schrappen van de landing van een Britse brigade bij Elst als een van de oorzaken van het mislukken van Market Garden.
  • condition as new,, hardcover, A4, 412 pgs vele ill, condition as new,. € 39,95 (Vz.kn € 5,95)

NL Weggemoffeld

● Weggemoffeld – Ingrid Maan

  • Weggemoffeld! bevat interviews met de Duitse oorlogsveteranen die Ingrid Maan tussen 2009 in 2010 maakte voor de projectgroep Gelderland 1940-1945.
  • Het boek beschrijft niet alleen de belevenissen van de Duitse oorlogsveteranen rondom de slag om Arnhem, maar gaat veel uitgebreider op het oorlogsthema in. Naast West- en Oostfrontervaringen, gevangenschap en terugkeer naar huis, komen ook de voor- en naoorlogse jaren aan bod.
  • Uitg. Fagus 2016, 2nd print, hardcover, format 17 x 24 cm, 320 pgs, geillustreerd met div. unieke foto&#8217;s uit fotoboeken van de geïnterviewden, condition as new,. € 24,95 (Vz.kn Eur 5,95)

● RAF at Arnhem – Buist, Maassen & Reinders

  • good English book on the re-supply droppings, many ill, A4 format, 200 pgs
  • de laatste…….€ 39,50

● Battle of Arnhem - Lloyd Clark,

  • beautiful rich geill. NL (!) book, A4 , HC, 176 pgs, NL, many ill nw. € 14,95

● D-Day - June 1944 – Will Fowler,

  • lots of photos, 190 pgs, A4 , SC, NL, many ill, condition as new,. € 12,95

● D-day – Martin Bowman,

  • interviews with veterans known author (Allied and German), very nice book with many pictures, tickets both zw.w. and in color! € 19.95

● Eyes of Patton – USAAF Combat reconnaissance mission over NW-Europe 44-45 – Tom Ivie

  • nicely done English hardcover / A4 photo book about the dangerous exploration of 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group of the U.S. Air Force. With many such images of all devices used. € on request

● Orange is the colour of the Day – P.Hendrikx/ M. Trez

  • Fantastic large format photobook 101 Airb.Div, Eindhoven Betuwe 1944 1944, limited edition!
  • Hardcover, English , A4, 560 pgs!, many photos zw.w./FC cards,uniforms, weapons, etc., a must vd Band of Brothers fan!
  • Nw € 129,50 (Vz.kn. NL € 5,75)

● D-Dayminus 1 - 17 seven 1944 – P.Hendrikx, M. Trez

  • Large format photo book vd preparation 101 AIRB Div before leaving NL 1944
  • HC, 208 pgs, vele zw.w /FC foto’s nw € 49,50
  • Set price € 169,95 (P)

● A few vital hours – Revell, Cherry & Gerritse

  • fraai boek over de beslissende rol die het SS-Panzergrenadier-Ausbildungs und Ersatz-Battalion 16 headed by. Sepp Kraft heeft gespeeld in de Slag om Arnhem ,
  • A4 , hardcover, English, 155 pgs, many unique pictures,
  • as new. € on request

GB MG A few vital hours

● Off at Last: An Illustrated History of the 7th (Galloway) Btln.- R.Sigmond

  • ‘The King’s Own Scottish Borderers’, 1939-1945 , based on official archives and personal testimonies of members of this battalion that participated in the nine days of heavy fighting in Oosterbeek during Market Garden sept.44 , incl. Battalion Roll of Honour.

A4 format, softcover, 219 pgs, many photos and ill, condition as new,. € 59,50

● ARNHEM Bridge: Target Mike One – David Truesdale – Martijn Cornelissen – Bob Gerritsen

  • Fraai uitgevoerd boek in A4 format over de geschiedenis van de 1st Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery 1942-1945. Beschreven worden de verrichtingen van deze luchtlandings – artillerie eenheid in Noord Afrika, Italië, Arnhem en Noorwegen.
  • hardcover w. FC dust wrapper, A4 format (21,5 x 28cm), 235 pgs, 282 B&The fotos, 22 documents, 3 maps, 2 aerial pics, 1x A3 size aerial foldout aerial pic (!), sold out. nw € 59,50

● When dragons flew – Stuart, Gray & Green

  • beautiful book about history of the 1st Battalion of the Border Regiment (KSOB)
  • English, hardcover, A4 format, 232 pgs, lots of photos , only to get an antiquarian € 59,95

GB MG when dragons flewGB MG Arnhem Their Final Battle The 11th Battalion The Parachute Regiment 1943 - 1944

Their Final Battle – Truesdale & Pijper

  • history of the 11 Btn.Para.Rgt. in 1943 in 44. The 11.Parachute Btln. landed first, for the main power, during the Battle of Arnhem, o.a. to turn off all radio beacons and mark landing zones,
  • A4 format, hardcover, 208 pgs, many photos and ill, condition as new,. € 39,95

Nine Days at Arnhem -R.Sigmond

  • Canadian Officers under the CANLOAN Scheme in the 7th (Galloway) Battalion of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers,
  • history of the (to English army added) Canadian soldiers during Operation Market Garden in 1944, A4, hardcover, 180 pgs, vele ill a photo's, condition as new, . € 59,50

By Land, Sea, and Air – Junier, Smulders & Korsloot

  • geschiedenis van het 2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment, 1940-1945, that O.Â. was involved in the Battle of Arnhem,
  • A4, hardcover, 229 pgs, many photos and ill, very nice book , condition as new,. € 159,-

GB Land sea and air 2Bat South Staff RgtGB MG Nine Days at Arnhem Canadian Officers under the CANLOAN Scheme in the 7th (Galloway) Battalion of the King's Own Scottish Borderers

Red Berets and Red Crosses – Niall Cherry

  • the history of the Medical Services in the 1.stAirborne Division during WW2, hardcover, A4 format, beautifully executed with many zw.w. photos, maps , 168 pgs, condition as new,.
  • condition as new,. € 32,50

GB red berets and red crosses

Travel by Dark- Graeme Warrack

  • adventures of an English officer after Market Garden: he was captured, long kept himself hidden and escaped across the Rhine
  • new . improved edition , hardcover, 207 pgs, Veles photos in ill , condition as new, € 24,50

Leading the way to Arnhem – P.Gijbels & D.Truesdale

  • history 21.Independent Parachute Company 1942-1946, The independently operating elite unit for the main force by parachute to jump from marks and radio beacons turn off,
  • hardcover A4 format, beautifully executed with many pictures, >200 pgs, condition as new,. € 37,50

● Retake Arnhem Bridge – Illustrated History Kampfgruppe Knaust Sept-Oct 1944

  • fraai uitgevoerd & GESIGNEERD boek over acties Kampfgruppe Knaust (Military District VI) consisting of 4 Panzer Grenadier Kompanien over een Panzer Kompanie , the Sept-Oct 1944 were used against the British Paratroopers at Oosterbeek during the last days of Op.Market Garden.
  • hardcover boek in A4 format, with many unique photos by Karl-Heinz Stove, became one of the German soldiers , be ttv. fighting.
  • Incl. reprint German topographical map 1940, many unique photos, 168 pgs, 2nd print, last ex.,nl!condition as new, € on request

GB leading way into arnhem

● Freddie Gough’s Specials at Arnhem – The story of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron – Bob Hilton,,fr,By author signed copies,,nl,Since the British times on,,nl,Market Garden far from their target,,nl,the bridges at Arnhem,,nl,was landed at,,nl,a special unit,,nl,jeeps provided with machine guns,,nl,consisting of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance squadron,,nl,th Field Company Royal Engineers,,en,which quickly flown to the landing area would tear the Rhine bridge via a separate route along the track,,nl,This "coup de main,,nl,unit later given the name 'Freddie Gough's Specials,,nl

● Omdat de Britten tijden Op. Market Garden ver van hun doelwit (de bruggen bij Arnhem) landden werd op 17 seven 1944 een speciale eenheid met 32 jeeps voorzien van machine geweren (bestaande uit de 1e Airborne Reconnaisance Squadron + 9th Field Company Royal Engineers) ingevlogen die snel van het landingsterrein naar de Rijnbrug zouden scheuren via een aparte route langs het spoor.
●Deze &#8216;coup de main’ eenheid kreeg later de naam &#8216;Freddie Gough&#8217;s Specials’ naar de commanderende officier Maj. Freddie Gough.
●Het plan mislukte volledig mede door toedoen van een Duitse SS- trainingseenheid van Sepp Krafft die toevallig bij Wolfheze in de bossen lag. Een aantal jeeps slaagde er later die dag toch in om de Rijnbrug te bereiken. De noordzijde van deze brug was toen reeds bezet door Lt.Col. Frost&#8217;s 2e Batallion
● hardcover met DC, A4 format , 256 pages, 288 B&W photographs, 14 maps, condition as new,. € on request

End of the 3rd Reich – D.Anderson,

  • o.a. over Market Garden, Ardennes, Hurtgenwald, On. Varsity,
  • A4, 256 pgs, SC, rich Geill, EN-lingual, sheet ill,
  • condition as new,. € 12,50

Longest Day – C.Ryan,

  • famous book on D-Day, English, 350 pgs, Geill, PB, condition as new,.€ 6,95

The Eagle's Nest – v.Capelle & Above Camp,

  • mooi grootformat NL boek over Hitlers’ residence in Berchtesgaden,
  • 240 pgs, Geill, HC, A4,
  • condition as new,. € 17,50

Operatie VARSITY: Krieg vor der appropriate Haustür - A.Berkel

  • one of the few, neutral written, German books on Operation 'Varsity', the largest airborne operation of WW2 to support the Rhine Crossing 1945 in Wesel. 2e revised edition, vele photo's (o.a. Robert Capa!!),
  • soft-cover/ gelumbacked, 374 pgs, form.18,5 x 24,5 cm,
  • new € 24,95

Battlefield Hürtgenwald 1944/1945 – R.Mommartz

  • handige Duitse gids voor bezoek aan dit alhier onbekende, but bloody battlefield under Cologne where the Americans over 30.000 man lost in '44-'45 .....
  • nw € 19,95

Hölle im Huertgenwald – ’44-’45 – A.Hohenstein/ W.Trees

  • Thé German book about the Battle of the Huertgenwald sept.44-febr45. Deze bloederige slag is -onterecht- een &#8216;vergeten’ veldslag ten zuiden van Aken. The Americans tried for months in vain to break through the German Siegfried Line or Western Wall,,nl,gr paper,,fr,The Americans tried for months in vain to break through the German Siegfried Line or Western Wall,,nl,gr paper,,fr, wat ze op 35.000 man aan verliezen kwam te staan. De Duitse verliezen waren minstens even hoog, de verwoesting van de dorpen enorm
  • Ingebonden hardcover, A4 format, 320 pgs, vele fotos ,
  • occ € 47,95

● Ardennen 1944, Use of 26.Volkgrenadier Division (Bastogne) – W.Weisz

  • handig battlefieldboekje voor de Bastogne bezoeker
  • condition as new,. 140 pgs, several. cards and photos,
  • condition as new,. € SOLD OUT! !

DU WM Ardennen offensive II -H.WijersDU WM Ardennen offensive 3

The Battle of the Bulge 1: Attack of the 6.Panzer Army – Hans Wijers

  • Duitse ooggetuigen geïnterviewd, published 2014,
  • hardcover, A4 format, 159 pgs, 161 pictures and ill, dim. 21 x 28,7cm , German,
  • new € 34,95

The Battle of the Bulge 2: Storm on the northern front - decision in Krinkelt-Roche Rath – Hans Wijers

  • Duitse ooggetuigen geïnterviewd, published 2014,
  • hardcover, A4 format, 165 pgs, 124 pictures and ill, dim. 21 x 28,7cm , German,
  • new € 34,95

The Battle of the Bulge 3: Die Entscheidung: der Weg über Bütgenbach – Hans Wijers

  • Duitse ooggetuigen geïnterviewd, published 2014,
  • hardcover, A4 format, 165 pgs, 124 pictures and ill, dim. 21 x 28,7cm , German,
  • new € 34,95

The Battle of the Bulge 4: 3. Fallschirmjäger-Division Kämpfe im Nordabschnitt der Ardennenoffensive 1944/45 Augenzeugenberichte – Hans Wijers

  • Duitse ooggetuige verslagen
    Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 181 pgs, 171 foto&#8217;s en kaarten
    new € 34,95

DU WM Ardennen offensive -H.Wijers


Artillerieduell der Fernkampfgeschütze am Pas de Calais 1940-1944 – Hans Sakkers & Marc Machielse

  • beschrijving Duitse Marine batterijen &#8216;Grosse Kurfurst&#8217;, &#8216;Todt&#8217;, ‘Prinz Heinrich’ , &#8216;Friedrich August’ , ‘ Lindemann ‘ en de spoorartillerie van de Duitse Wehrmacht
  • hardcover, A4 format, 238 pgs vele foto’s en ill.
  • condition as new,, € 34,95

Operation Jedburgh: Secret Allied missions in NL 1944-45 – Jelle Hooiveld

  • history of the multinational 'Jedburgh' teams at the end of the war in NL operated behind enemy lines, softcover , 288 pgs, BW. photos, NL book
  • nw € 19,90


Atlases and maps

Grote Atlas van NL 1930-1950 - Schoenmaker /de Pater

  • 3nd and final pressure, so OP = OP final!
  • Fantastic LARGE format atlas with all German military maps NL 1940, invasion cards, resistance maps mil.doelen, all major cities, etc a must for the 2nd WO researcher, >10 kg! high-quality printing in packs,
  • laatste exemplaren -nieuw- NOW € 199,- (vz.kn € 5,95)

● K2 Topografische Stafkaart 40 West Arnhem – Nijmegen

  • herdruk van stafkaart 40West 1:50.000 , uitgegeven Wehrmacht 1940
  • ideaal voor historici en onderzoekers Slag om Arnhem cq. strijd Overbetuwe en Bevrijding 1945
  • formaat A2 (43 x 62 cm) ,
  • prijs €9,50 , verzending NL 4,15 (wordt A4 gevouwen verzonden)

K1 ground organization of the Air Force,

  • 1:1 color copy of this rare Luftwaffe sector map of NW Europe 1944. Provides overview of all major airports, light / radio beacons, radar stellingen, etc Size 56×76 cm (A1) and including legend!
  • zwaar 120 grs papier, folded € 24,95 / vz.kn € 2,75 NL, opgerold in koker Vz.kn. NL € 5,75
  • plasticized € 10,- toeslag / verzending in koker NL € 5,95 (Belgie € 6,75)

Kon.Luchtmacht / Kon.Landmacht/ Kon.Marine/ Diverse aanbiedingen……

(SC = softcover, HC = hard / cover, PB = Paperback)


NL Mei 1940

May 1940 -P.Kamphuis / H.Amersfoort

  • Reprinted from reputable book on the German invasion in NL Since visiting 1990 this book has become a classic on the struggle of 1940. Benefits this new edition of the latest state of research and has retained the provocative nature of the first edition. It is richly illustrated with clear maps and diagrams. Indispensable for those who want to understand what went wrong.
  • Paperback , 460 blz., several. photos and ill zw.w. and color, condition as new,. € 34,90

Verenigd op de grond, daadkrachtig in de lucht: een eeuw grondgebonden luchtverdediging 1917-2017 – E.van Loo, S.Maaskant, Q. vd Vegt

  • Nieuw boek over de ontwikkeling van de luchtverdediging in NL,
  • Hardcover, 350 pgs, many ill. en fotos,
  • condition as new, € 49,50 (Vz.kn. NL € 5,95)

De Velser-affaire – Bas von Benda-Beckmann

  • the successful prosecution of the resistance around Velsen and Kennemerland by the Germans. This gave rise to the idea that resistance fighters were betrayed by NL and Allied authorities to disable the leftist movement in NL,
  • softcover, 460 pgs, several. photos
  • € 24,90 (Vz.kn. NL € 5,55)

UN veterans: wars and peacekeeping missions – Bijkerk and Others.

  • interviews met NL veteranen uit verschillende oorlogen
  • as new, A4 format, bound hardcover, many ill in color
  • € 19,50

MIG's on the run - D.van der Aart

  • about pilots who turned their backs on the Eastern Bloc and flew to the West in the period 1945-1993, 350 pgs, bound, was € 29,50 now € 9,95 !!


  • 50year mil.luchtverkeersleiding in NL from 1944 to the present ,
  • large format softcover,
  • as new. € 25,-

Dossier JSF – Christ Knock

  • Joint Strike Fighter: The mega-project, two policy, purchase,
  • softcover, 196 pgs wv.16 with zw.w photos,
  • condition as new,. € 19,90

Thunderstreaks one Thunderflashes – Huub Groeneveld,

  • mooi grootformat boek over deze legendarische Amerikaanse jachtbommenwerper/ fotoverkenner , waarvan de Klu er tussen 1955 untill 1971 maar liefst 204 in gebruik had.
  • Hardcover, A4 format, 364 pgs, many photos and ill.
  • condition as new,. € 42,50

Lockheed T-33 in Nederland – Huub Groeneveld,

  • uitstekend gedocumenteerd boek over de T-33 ‘T-bird’ straaltrainer/ fotoverkenner , waarvan de Klu er tussen 1952 in 1971 63 in gebruik heeft gehad.
  • Het beroemde ‘Whisky Four’ stuntteam vloog ook met deze straaljager,
  • 1nd print, out. 2014, hardcover, A4 format, luxe papier, 340 pgs, héél veel foto&#8217;s (ook in FC) en ill,
  • condition as new,. € 42,50

Fire of retribution, Air War Europe '39-'45

  • NL, 202p, PB,
  • new. € 7,50

Flight through time, 75 jaar Kon.Luchtmacht

  • Klu extensive history with many pictures, 440 pgs, Geill, HC, A4, new. € 13,95 (Vz.kn € 5,95)


90 yr Naval Aviation Service (MLD) – P.Korbee

  • mooi boek over de geschiedenis van de MLD,
  • A4, hardcover, 335 pgs, vele foto/ill ,
  • as new € 29,50

The Dutch merchant-wartime A.van Dissel, M.Elands, H.Faber a P Stolk

  • the deployment of the NL merchant was the main contribution of our country to the final Allied victory: 3400 sailors were killed and hundreds of ships were lost. This book focuses on the experiences of seafarers who survived, uitgave St.D.d.M,
  • hardcover, 304 pgs, geill. with zw.w photos ,
  • new € 29,90 (Vz.kn.NL v.a. € 5,95)


DU WM Tiger, legendäre Waffe 2e druk

Tiger tank, the legendary German tank 1942-1945 – Egon Small & Volkmar Kühn

  • dik book (416pgs!!), with 606 (!) photos,
  • format 21,5 x 26,5 cm, bound, new. 2e revised edition
  • nw € 22,95 (new). (Vz.kn. v.a. €5,95) .

Tiger Abteilung 503 - F.W.Lochmann and Others,

  • nwe edition, 640 pgs!, 350 photos, A4 format 24 x 30 cm, bound,
  • fantastic book about legendary Tiger tank unit,
  • new € 49,50 (Vz.kn v.a. € 5,95)

Im Panzer- I survived,,de,Armin Böttger / Karl-Heinz Munch,,de,German nw,,nl – Armin Böttger

  • German journal tank soldier, many unique pictures vd author,
  • Böttger overleefde – met zware brandwonden- de oorlog en werd later tandsarts
  • German, HC, 350 pgs , 296 BW. in 64 color photos (!),
  • nw € 21,95 (vz.kn NL € 5,95)

Panzer Vor! - K.Alhlman

  • the dramatic history of the German-tank weapon during WW2,
  • German, 408 p / 209 BW. photos, HC, condition as new,. 17 x 24 cm,
  • nw € 17,95 (Vz .kn v.a. €5,95)

Die 12. Schwadron Panzerregiment 24 im Einsatz – Armin Böttger/ Karl-Heinz Münch

  • mooi Duits boek over Duitse pantsereenheid,
  • hardcover, A4 format, 160 pgs, 120 zw.w en kleurenfoto’s
  • condition as new,. € 17,95

Im Panzer IV und Tiger an der Ostfront – Alfred Rübbel

  • the personal diary of a tank soldier on the Eastern Front (39-45),
  • German, geb.hardcover, A4 format, 240 blz met 240 photos,
  • condition as new,. € 24,95

Vergiss die Zeit der Dörner nicht! – Günther Koschorrek,

  • known German biography ve. soldaat 24.Panzerdivisie aan het Oostfront en in de Slag om Stalingrad
  • geb.hardcover 341 pgs, 130 BW. photos, 17x 24 cm, condition as new, € 17,95 (Vz.kn.NL v.a. €5,95)

Sturmgeschütze, panzer der Infanterie – Franz Kurowski/ Gottfried Tornau,

  • de dramatisch geschiedenis van een bijzonder wapen 39-45, German, geb.hardcover, format 21,5 x 26,5 cm, 384 p with 424 photos(!),
  • Attention: Binnenkort nieuwe herziene druk leverbaar a € 24,95

Mit Rommel in der Wüste – Volkmar Kühn,

  • struggle and fall of the German Africa Corps 1941-1943, geb.hardcover, 17×24 cm, 427 p with 200 BW. photos, Duits nw.
  • € 17,95 (Vz.kn. v.a. €5,95)

With the 90.leichten Africa in Rommel's army Divisie – Alois Schirmer,

  • deel I : dagboek s belevenissen van een verbindingskompanie / Afdeling 190 tijdens de Africa veldtocht,
  • geb.hardc, 304 p with 200 BW. photos, German, format 17 x24 cm , condition as new,. € 17,95 (Vz.kn. v.a. € 5,95)

Divisie z.b.V.Afrika -‘Alpenrose ruft Enzian’Alois Schirmer,

  • deel II: verbindings soldiers vertellen over Africa veldtocht van drum,
  • bound. hardcover, 304 pgs, 200 BW. photos, German, 17x 24 cm, condition as new,. € 17.95 (vz.kn v.a. € 5,95)

Under the blazing sun of Africa – Alois Schlee,

  • photobook German soldiers during the Africa campaign 1941-1943 van drum, geb.hardcover 353 p with no less than 543 photos (!), German, format 17 x 24 cm, condition as new,. € 17,95 (Vz .kn. v.a. €5,95)