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Willem F.Kleijn has been a Battlefield Guide since 2005 en Accredited member Int.Guild of Battlefield Guides / Badge 61


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Welkom op de website van DRG Battlefieldtours & Books. DRG is in 2006 mainly founded to collect and disseminate information and knowledge about the Air War '40 – '45 over the Netherlands, the largest air battle in World History and Operation Market Garden / Liberation of the Netherlands. For that reason we have been members of the Air War Study Group for many years 40/45 (SGLO) , an association of documantalists and researchers that endeavors to collect as much data as possible about the estimated more than 6000 plane crashes that occurred on our territory during the Second World War. took place in our territorial waters. A lot of information about this can be found on the SGLO website:


The organization and operations of the Allied Air Forces and the German air defense in the Netherlands therefore receive our special attention. The history of Fliegerhorst Deelen and associated command centers and (Funkmess (radar)) gauge installations are key points in the research, excursions and publications. We also sell a specialized collection of books online - now more than 1600 titles! – in this area!

Since Arnhem internationally spoken is mainly known for its role in the 'Operation Market Garden' 1944, DRG has started in 2009 ook begonnen met het ontwikkelen van battlefieldtours op dit terrein. We focus mainly on smaller groups within the Netherlands- and abroad who come to the region to study Market Garden on location. We work closely with fellow GBG guides in NL, so that larger groups can also be served. The list of customers we have recently 20 years is now a long time, very long: in addition to hundreds of individuals and private organizations, o.a. military units of the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy , Royal Engineers, Royal marines, Airmobile Brigade Staff, Kon.Luchtmacht, Could Marines, Paresto, DMO, Government Buildings Service/National Real Estate, etc.. and major international travel companies and tour operators that offer Battlefield tours such as In the Footsteps, WW2 Museum New Orleans, CGT Battlefields, Phoenix Holidays, Albatros Rhine Cruises, Letsgetoutofhere.ca WW2 Round Table USA, NATravel, Trafalgar, etc.. used our services!

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Willem Kleijn is not only an Accredited Member / Badge number 61 van de International Guild of Battlefield Guides, but also an accredited guide to the Liberation Route and Airborne Region !


DRG Battlefieldtours is an accredited member of the Int. Guild of Battlefield Guides (holder GBG Badge No. 61) fully certified and therefore obliged to organize battlefield tours according to high quality- with due care for safety and personal customer requirements. The DRG cooperates as much as possible with other GBG guides (see below: Int.Guild of Battlefield Guides) and persons, groups and agencies that pursue the same objectives, such as Friends of the Airborne Museum, Museum Deelen Airbase, Bevrijdingsmuseum Groesbeek, Bunker Museum Tiger / Terschelling, Battlefieldtours.nu, Liberationroute.nl, etc.. provided that there is an equal exchange of information, of wederzijds voordeel.

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