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DRG battlefieldtour: Fliegerhorst Deelen / Airwar ’40-’45

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  • Price: € 59,50 pp
  • Date: Sat, Jun 03, 2023
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Venue: Eatery Mansour
  • Location: Schaarsbergen/ Arnhem













Deze excursie rond het thema ‘Luchtoorlog ’40-’45’ includes an extensive visit to various locations of the former German Fliegerhorst Deelen,nl. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, you will first receive an extensive PowerPoint in the morning- presentation with many photos about the development of the Air War 40-45, gevolgd door een rondleiding over het vm. Divisionsdorf where we also see the huge command bunker 'Diogenes’ see (Attention. bunker itself is unfortunately not accessible at the moment).

Then we have the buffet lunch (incl.) in eatery Manege Mansour, after which we move to the roller track by car,,nl,taxibaan,,hu,different hangars,,nl,bomb line with loco shed,,nl,compass razor blade etc,,nl,Mar.,,nl,sufficient participation,,nl,The participation costs of this excursion amount,,nl,lunch ,,en,buffet lunch,,en,u eetcafé Mansour,,en,RW  Arnhem,,en,eetcafe Stal Mansour,,en,Manege Stal Mansour,,en,End point,,nl,of this excursion,,nl,Delenseweg,,sv,AE Deelen,,nl,www.museumvlbdeelen.nl/,,en,Eetcafe Mansour is easy to reach,,nl,from A12,,nl,then follow signs for National Park Hoge Veluwe,,nl,on Koningsweg, turn left at the roundabout onto Kemperbergerweg,,nl (taxibaan), where we have several hangars, bommenlijntje met locloods, fuel storage Me 163 raketjager etc. see. De excursie wordt afgesloten met bezoek aan museum Vlb Deelen (incl.), the only war museum in the Netherlands that is almost entirely devoted to Fliegerhorst 'Alster’ and the air war ’40 -’45.










17 seven 2004 -Cameraman Eric Feijten and reporter Hans van de Velde of NOS news film three members of the German RAD crew of the 75mm antiaircraft gun 'Emil’ at the Museum (@photo: WK Comm – W.Kleijn)

PLANNED DATA 2022: 10 June, 1 July, 29 July, 26 aug, 30 seven, 28 okt, 25 nov


Mobile: 06-21865900 (ma-vr 09.00-17.00)

Email: excursies@fliegerhorstdeelen.nl


Data may change, The tour will only take place when enough reservations!

With great interest may be extra data added!


De deelnamekosten van deze excursie bedragen incl. lunch & museum € 59,50 .

This amount is inc. expert 'badged’ gids vd Int. Guild of Battlefield Guides, buffet lunch, entree Museum Vlb Deelen.

– It is basically driven by private cars, participants per OV / fiets kunnen zonder meerkosten meerijden in de DRG-MPV (max. 5 people). U dient dit van te voren aan te geven en mondkapje is verplicht!

Start introduction and tour: 09.30u eetcafé Mansour , Kemperbergerweg 793, 6816 RW Arnhem

End of tour : and 17.00 you

Minimum number of participants: 10

Readers with background information about Fliegerhorst Deelen and Bunker Diogenes are available a € 2,- p.st.


– For private tour groups on dates other than the above the rate depends on the number of persons and booked hours:

– between 10-20 people 10% discount, between 20-30 people 20% and between 30-50 people 30% discount on the regular rate, with a minimum of € 395,- per dag 09.00-17.00) in € 250,-/ half a day – 4you) and use of the DRG-MPV ( max.6 pers), but excluding. entrance museum Share. It's closed on weekdays, but on request the Museum Deelen can be asked to open the doors. The regular entrance price applies (no Museum annual pass) with a minimum of € 100,-.


Starting Point : eetcafe Stal Mansour, Kemperbergerweg 793, 6816 RW Arnhem

Manege Stal Mansour

Eindpunt : van deze excursie is 17.00 you at Museum Vlb Deelen, the excursion will only take place with sufficient reservations and is subject to applicable Covid-19 government measures 20, 6877 AE Deelen


Eetcafe Mansour is gemakkelijk te bereiken.

  • vanaf A12 (exit Velp Arnhem / N) of A50 (exit Schaarsbergen), vervolgens borden Nationaal Park Hoge Veluwe aanhouden), op Koningsweg bij rotonde linksaf slaan op Kemperbergerweg. Na plm. 150 You will see the sign eatery Mansour and turn right into the forest road,,nl,When pressing on red crop and parking at the P-place,,nl,Follow signpost to eatery,,nl,you come from the South / West via A12 or A50,,nl,then take exit Oosterbeek / Wolfheze,,nl,at 2nd traffic light,,nl,at entrance Papendal / vd Valk hotel,,nl,turn left onto Koningsweg,,nl,at the end turn right,,nl,Turn right at the roundabout,,nl,see further above,,nl,per bus,,en,line 9 from Arnhem station,,nl,get off at Schaarsbergen / Pancake restaurant Den Strooper,,nl. Bij het op rode krop drukken en parkeren op de P-plaats. Volg wegwijzer naar eetcafe.
  • komt u uit het Zuiden/Westen via A12 of A50, dan neemt u afrit Oosterbeek/ Wolfheze, bij 2e stoplicht (bij ingang Papendal/ vd Valk hotel), slaat u linksaf Koningsweg op, aan einde rechtsaf. Op de rotonde gaat u rechtsaf, zie verder hierboven
  • per bus : lijn 9 vanaf station Arnhem, uitstappen halte Schaarsbergen/ Pannekoeken restaurant Den Strooper. 50 m walk back and turn right into forest path at sign 'eatery',,nl,Day excursion conducted by,,nl,accredited guide of Int.Guild or Battlefield Guides about vm,,nl,Air base incl,,de,included in price,,nl

(Attention: for info etc. please contact DRG, see above, DO NOT contact Eetcafe Mansour!!):

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Bed & Breakfast in vm. Duitse hangar



Museum Deelen is located in Building 20, de vm. petty officers' mess of the Kon. Air force. During the war the building by the Germans vm. gebruikt as anti-aircraft command post (commandopost) the nearby Flak statement to the Hooilaan.

Museum Deelen is located in Building 20, de vm. petty officers' mess of the Kon. Air force. During the war the building by the Germans vm. gebruikt as anti-aircraft command post (commandopost) from the nearby Flak positions around the airport